A New Dimension to Video Surveillance

A New Dimension to Video Surveillance

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Video analytics is a smart tool to interpret data captured by CCTV cameras in real-time. In case of any potential risk, on-screen alerts, SMS messages, and audible and visual alarms help in contacting the emergency services. Usually, even the most hard-working security guard can lose interest after 20 minutes of no activity on his monitor screen. Video analytics eliminates operator fatigue with a low ratio of monitors to cameras and solely focusing on hotspots. As false alarms are minimized, the money spent on the workforce is reduced. The video software can be trained to avoid picture break-up and interference to prevent producing unnecessary alarms. Audio analysis has boosted the security sector by detecting gunshots, airplanes, and the sound of abnormal mechanical processes. With the help of effective audio analysis, security officers can approach an incident before it escalates.

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Even though security officers are provided with limitless footage, the operators cannot interpret them. But high-quality video analytics can be used to send off alarms in case of undesirable social behavior. The rising concern against social disturbance can be minimized with video analytics, particularly anti-social behavior. A smartly configured analytics device can distinguish between criminal and non-criminal activity based movement. Algorithms and behavioral analysis must continuously be developed depending upon the tracking demanded by end-users. Video analytics can work hand-in-hand with legacy CCTV systems and analog cameras. If analytics providers respond appropriately to the wide range of end-user demands, scene analysis will improve its position in government and commercial spheres. 

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