A Marketplace to Find the Most Compatible Cloud Service Provider

A Marketplace to Find the Most Compatible Cloud Service Provider

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 25, 2019

To simplify the identification of a cloud service provider for digitalization of the company’s data. An enterprise launches the marketplace for cloud service providers.

FREMONT, CA: A search engine to find the most compatible cloud partners anytime and anywhere has been conceptualized as an application by a pioneering telecommunications industry marketplace. 

As cloud adoption among various enterprises makes up a crucial part of the companies’ digital transformation, the process for a firm to connect to the network or data resources to a cloud provider is most often manual, tedious, and lacking in the marketplace.

Cloudscene recognized the demand for solutions that enable the global market to connect to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and VMware, amidst the plans for expansion of its product portfolio.

The initial release of Cloud Pathfinder by Cloudscene is the first phase of the broader procurement solution that will re-calibrate the method of communication and transaction among industry members.

Quotations can be requested following a search from any data center or enterprise building address globally, in a matter of minutes. This results in notifications being alerted directly to the service providers from the app. Gartner has recently forecasted a 17.5 percent increase in the global public cloud revenue in 2019. The Cloud Pathfinder has been predicted to influence a substantial value in the worldwide cloud transactions and enterprises applying a multi-cloud strategy.

Major cloud providers worldwide are collaborating steadfastly with Cloudscene to make use of Cloud Pathfinder as a sales enhancement tool for global field teams, depending on the app’s data center and on-net edifice data to support each of the company’s customer’s growing requirements.

Once integrated with Cloudscene’s directory, Cloud Pathfinder’s data is extracted from the connectivity information of over 7,100 service providers listed on Cloudscene. Cloud service providers can efficiently manage and update data sets, which ensure the continuing accuracy and upgradation of the information published across Cloudscene’s platform.

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