3 Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in the Public Sector

3 Use Cases of Robotic Process Automation in the Public Sector

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, October 16, 2020

The public sector is regarded as very slow in adopting digital processes, and in recent months all the sectors, including the public sector, have been confronted with various challenges.

Fremont, CA: Public healthcare has been at the center of the pandemic. Numerous public agencies have been flooded with extra work because of the government's measures to help curb the pandemic's effects. From the rapid law changes and periodic closures to the hundreds of thousands of applications for different government subsidies, the public sector has to adopt technology faster than ever before. Robotic process automation (RPA) can help the concerned public agencies to become more efficient in processing the applications while mitigating risks.

Here are a few use cases of robotic process automation in the public sector

Document handling and validation

Transactional tasks are vital for the sector's proper functioning, yet a substantial cause for migraines for the staff members who have to perform them. The good part is that, with a little help from the software department that can work fatigue-free 24/7, the government program's performance can be significantly enhanced. Further aftermath of RPA deployment for document handling and recognition is the reduction of operational costs.

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Accommodating the 21st-century trend, local government services allow residents to access and fill in forms through web portals and email contact to apply for numerous civil services and support.

The public's service inquiries are highly standardized, so the process is very stable and rule-based. The Utilization of RPA can streamline the process and lead to accurate results in the least amount of time, advancing the customer service beyond what human staff would do.

Financial management and audit trail

Automating the processes in the public sector is like following a good example from the private sector. Even invoice processing can be mentioned among the typical use cases of RPA in finance.

Financial management steps are an epitome of automation because they are rule-driven, error-prone, and unfortunately highly intolerant to error. Software robots can routinize decision logic and eliminate keystroke errors, resulting in quasi risk-free audit readiness.

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