3 Surprising Benefits of the Cloud and IoT

3 Surprising Benefits of the Cloud and IoT

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 04, 2019

CloudFREMONT, CA: The infrastructure around the world is becoming more interconnected day-by-day. From fitness wristbands to smart thermostats―everything that was once a separate item is gradually becoming connected to the world around it. In the rapidly expanding universe of smart devices, customers are gradually trying to explore and understand the why, how, and what of each of the aspects of cloud storage and the Internet of Things(IoT).

Data Storage:

IoT devices are optimized to accumulate and broadcast data to the cloud, but they typically do not have the in-house assets for long-term data collection and storage. Therefore, edge computing is being used to provide an external location for processing and storage that occurs closer to the IoT device.

Security has become another central issue for data placement. The data may be personally identifiable, in which case it has to be handled in specific ways. Indeed, in some countries, data cannot be transmitted to public cloud technology. For this, data placement is taken on a case-by-case basis.

Point of Encryption:

Encryption does carry a processing and input/output (I/O) load. A cloud supplier with admittance to many processing resources will not be hindered by I/O load, but small IoT devices are a different story altogether. If they are required to encrypt everything gathered by the sensors and move it to the cloud, it will cause a performance hit for most smaller devices with diminutive commodity processors. But harmless data from a machine on a factory floor is not worth encrypting.

The Amount of Data Received:

The data-bulk depends fundamentally on the usage. For example, the procession of data within an airplane is comparatively greater than that within a desktop. A significant amount of dataflow creates more stress on the network, sensors, and the device itself. When selecting a cloud provider, the key factors, as well as IoT reliability needs, are to be considered for expert application. IoT is a major medium for business innovation, and the good news is cloud is prepared to support the connected world of tomorrow.

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