3 Indistinct Ways to Recover Video Evidence

3 Indistinct Ways to Recover Video Evidence

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Video EvidenceHandling a DVR recorded may be simple but, in case of extraction of important pieces of evidence from the camera in the neighborhood or at the door, thorough preparation is important.

FREMONT, CA: Video footage found within a nearby surveillance camera is the best resource available at a crime scene. Regardless of the availability, any professional must know how to recover the DVR surveillance footage, both-on scene and back in the crime lab. The recovery of video from DVR poses a challenge as each model behaves differently with a variety of maze of menus to navigate. Even with a password for the device, most of the data might be deleted or be “inaccessible” from the lists. In extreme cases, the DVR device might even be damaged. To bypass these challenges and recover video directly from memory:

DVR Examiner:

DVR Examiner is the best and most efficient method to recover video evidence from surveillance DVR. DVR Examiner can be utilized by connecting the computer directly to the DVR hard drive in a write-protected manner. This method bypasses all menus and passwords, even identifying inaccessible data on the hard drive. The process is done in a forensically sound way, and all the video received is exactly what was originally on the hard drive.

Export Video to an External Storage Device:

Many DVRs provide the option to export video evidence to an external storage device. It is excellent if the password to the device is known, can operate the menus, and get a quick export. When the DVR is running, and if the hard drive is not turning on again, performing an export from the DVR may be the only option. Unfortunately, the process is slow, results in lower quality videos.

Record Video Out of the DVR Itself:

When the device is too difficult to operate, and access to DVR Examiner is unavailable, the video evidence needs to be recorded out from the DVR itself. A capture card and a large and fast hard drive can pull data from the DVR. Unfortunately, overlays like time stamps may make necessary actions or details that are recorded unclear.

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