3 Benefits of Using AI to Detect and Prevent Crime

3 Benefits of Using AI to Detect and Prevent Crime

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

Leveraging AI in crime prevention and detection will enable law enforcement agencies and administrators to reduce crime accuracy.

FREMONT, CA: Governments worldwide are experimenting with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce and prevent crime and to more fastly responding to crimes. The concept behind many of these projects is that crimes are relatively predictable, and it just needs to be able to sort through the vast volume of data to find patterns that are useful to law enforcement. This kind of technology was impossible a few decades ago, but the hope is that recent developments in AI are up to the task. Here is more about how AI is applied in crime detection and prevention.

Top 10 Corrections Consulting/Services Companies - 2019• Detecting Crime Location

Law enforcement agencies can reach a location where crime occurs without anyone calling them or any officer witnessing it. With the help of AI technology, sensors can be deployed in the city infrastructure. The sensors will be connected to a cloud that can detect and accurately locate the crime. The sensor captures the data from multiple sensors and can also help determine the position of the criminal. The information is then sent to the police headquarters with a precise location. In such instances, using AI technology to detect crimes and send alerts about them to the police will help them respond effectively to a crime incident.

• Solving Complex Cases

Solving complex cases requires a dogged investigation. AI can help detect clues from the crime scene. When police officers visit a crime spot, they take photographs of the location where the crime has taken place. The pictures are used to find out clues that can help find a new link to the crime. AI-enabled systems can identify clues from these photographs. An object captured in the picture can be searched for in the police database to find if the same is used in any previous crimes. This will open up an investigation line worth checking out.

• Preventing Crimes

Crime is a collection of patterns, and AI can read these patterns accurately. The use of AI technology can help to monitor, which can help in the prediction of crimes. Predicting crimes will eventually help prevent them, and AI can help monitor the digital footprints of a person and identify any unusual activities. The objective of law enforcement is not just catching criminals but preventing crime in the first place.

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