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Steve Robinson, Vice President of Sales, keytrakSteve Robinson, Vice President of Sales The corrections industry has lately been struggling with understaffing and overcrowding, which can snowball and put correctional facilities in difficult and dangerous situations. For instance, take the lack of accountability when it comes to staff access to keys and small-but-important assets like shackles, TASERs, weapons, and other daily-use gear. That’s where KeyTrak, Inc. can help. Operating as the leading provider of secure, durable, and reliable key and asset management systems for law enforcement and correctional facilities, KeyTrak can hold staff accountable by automatically logging who took keys and when, providing administrators with an accurate audit trail.

KeyTrak’s systems restrict key and asset access by requiring a unique credential for every Corrections Officer (CO) and staff member. Alerts can be set up so that superior officers are notified if a key isn’t returned within a specified time frame, ensuring staff return key in a timely manner while also allowing administrators to take action accordingly to prevent a key from being misused, stolen, or lost.

We bring corrections key and asset control into the 21st century

The company’s lockers give correctional facilities an easy way to store and track access to mission-critical items like radios, weapons, ammo, TASERs, pepper spray, handcuffs, and shackles.

When employees are held accountable for when and how they use those items, they will be maintained better and returned to where they belong, so they’re available for the next CO who needs them. “We recognize how technology inside correctional facilities has evolved over the years, while key control has remained relatively unchanged. We bring corrections key and asset control into the 21st century,” says Steve Robinson, the vice president of sales at KeyTrak.

Whether it’s the technologies available, changes to accreditation requirements or decisions made by politicians, every corrections facility is unique. The company creates unique solutions for every facility that it works with. This allows each facility to develop various uses for the KeyTrak system, allowing them to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, prevent unnecessary bottlenecks, hold staff accountable, and reduce risk. “Our KeyTrak Guardian system is a modular and customizable wall-mounted solution that can serve a variety of needs,” states Robinson. Through the KeyTrak Guardian system, the company offers panels for individually locking down keys, including large Folger Adam-style cell keys, and lockers for storing smaller assets like radios and handcuffs.

Being a single-source provider of “everything KeyTrak,” the company has assisted many corrections facilities from sales to on-site support. In one such instance, KeyTrak helped a large corrections department that wanted to secure keys in many different locations within their facility. After several face-to-face meetings and tours of the facility, KeyTrak customized a solution that included almost a dozen systems that served specific needs for various areas. “Our ability to tailor systems to a variety of needs makes us a go-to provider in corrections. We understand that key and asset management isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and different locations within a single correctional facility all have different needs,” mentions Robinson. Further, KeyTrak stands firmly by its systems’ durability and provides ongoing support both out of its College Station, Texas, home office, and through its regionally located field engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Having carved a unique niche in the industry, KeyTrak aims to remain at the cutting edge of key and asset management inside correctional facilities nationwide as it rises to meet the challenges in an always-evolving environment. The company is changing the way facilities manage their keys and assets, taking the guesswork out of key audits, saving time, and holding staff accountable, and will continue to do so in the near future. “We are a US-based company that is the industry’s only true direct-to-consumer manufacturer of key and asset management systems,” concludes Robinson.
- Aaron Pierce
    May 04, 2020
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College Station, TX

Steve Robinson, Vice President of Sales

KeyTrak is a leading provider of secure, durable, and reliable key and asset management systems for law enforcement and correctional facilities. Since its inception in 1987, KeyTrak has focused on creating a computerized drawer to protect and track keys and assets, and and to develop industry-specific key control software. With more than 11,000 installations in apartment communities, hospitals, military institutions, government facilities, automotive dealerships, commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, universities and office complexes worldwide, KeyTrak is considered the industry leader in key control and asset management