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 David Strickland, COO, Kenton Brothers David Strickland, COO
Founded in 1897 as a locksmith and key-making company in Kansas City, Kenton Brothers is one of the most trusted commercial security systems suppliers. The company provides a full stack of security solutions that leverage the latest technologies in video analytics, network-based control, and surveillance for generations of buildings and businesses. From basic mechanical locks to access control and video surveillance systems, customers rely on Kenton Brothers for a suite of security solutions required for diverse security needs.

“We protect people, property, and possessions,” states Gina Stuelke, CEO, Kenton Brothers. “From the newly built to the historically significant, commercial buildings and warehouses, luxury high rises, schools, businesses and medical facilities all over Kansas City, throughout the Midwest and across the country include our systems and technologies.”

They also offer groundbreaking technologies and solutions to address the security gaps in law enforcement, which is fraught with challenges caused by legacy security infrastructure—especially detention centers, jails, and correction facilities. To bridge the gap in security, Kenton Brothers first analyzes the customer’s security needs and evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing security solutions. Then, with the assessment results and years of security experience, the company’s security experts help either find or implement a comprehensive, purpose-built security system that can be managed from a single, easy-to-use platform, significantly reducing the operations staff’s workload. Recently, Kenton Brothers built a visitor management security system that can be operated by a single security employee.

“When it comes to security, we understand that a cookie-cutter approach just does not work,” asserts David Strickland, COO, Kenton Brothers. “By thoroughly understanding our client’s requirements and goals, we craft solutions that are unique and fit for purpose.”

The company’s surveillance system packages include a visitor management system that can track visitor check-ins and check-outs at a facility. By gathering this information, clients can record the usage of facilities by specific visitors and know visitors’ whereabouts.

We protect people, property, and possessions

A critical feature of the surveillance system is the applied analytics that catalogs every visitor arriving at a facility. The company leverages an advanced facial recognition system that can match nodal points on a face with samples stored in the database. This system is capable of making real-time matches of one image against many and alerts the security staff of suspicious activities based on several parameters set by the user.

Another critical application of video analytics is loitering detection. When people or vehicles remain at a location longer than the user-defined time, the system alerts the security staff, making it highly effective in the real-time notification of suspicious behavior around many public places such as jails, banks, ATM counters, schools, and more. These instant notifications can greatly improve a security team’s response time while significantly reducing the manpower required to watch the monitors. Such capabilities allow the security personnel to work smarter when workforce shortages and budget cuts directly impact how the security industry protects assets, facilities, and people.

In another instance, a municipal corporation approached Kenton Brothers for advanced security solutions. The company started the project with an extensive interview process with all the stakeholders, including law enforcement, utility, and traffic. These departments were using legacy platforms that worked independently, but law enforcement requires access to all the data as they are in charge of rapid response. After noting the challenges, Kenton Brothers consolidated the data from all three municipal departments into a single platform that can be managed via a security operation center. As a result, law enforcement gained access to all the data coming from various city locations. More importantly, Kenton Brothers completed the training for the operations personnel so they could maximize the use of their newly installed system. Because there are no multiple platforms and infrastructure, the client dramatically reduced installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Such success stories stem from Kenton Brothers’ commitment to building a comprehensive security system leveraging cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true hardware. In order to boost their team’s morale, the company has established a family culture at the workplace. Each quarter, all employees gather to revisit their core values, discuss their progress, look at obstacles, and celebrate achievements and milestones. Moving forward, Kenton Brothers is planning several business expansions beyond Kansas City. “Our heart will be in Kansas City, but we will definitely grow into new markets and continue to secure our clients’ people, property, and possessions,” says Gina.

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Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers

Kansas City, Missouri

David Strickland, COO

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security is a nationally certified Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise (WBENC). Being a member of this highly respected association enables both government and private organizations to fulfill requirements pertaining to minority contracts