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Fortifying Critical Infrastructure Security: The "Best Kept Secret" in the Security Industry

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François Zayek, Founder and CEO, Fortifying Critical Infrastructure SecurityFrançois Zayek, Founder and CEO The “Best Kept Secret” In Security Screening

Over the last two decades the x-ray security industry has undergone a drastic makeover, as the advent of new technologies has transformed imaging theories into robust and reliable security systems. Against this backdrop, Astrophysics’ innovative research and development has held constant in providing powerful security solutions.

New and clever global threats continue to emerge as smugglers, criminals, and terrorists attempt to thwart x-ray scanners, forcing the industry to continuously evolve. For nearly twenty years, Astrophysics, Inc., has been a leader in x-ray research and development, earning an R&D reputation and prominence as the “Best Kept Secret” in the security industry.

The company proudly manufactures its products exclusively in the USA while maintaining complete control over the process. Sourcing components directly from mostly U.S. vendors to support the American economy, along with Astrophysics’ dedication to continual process improvement, guarantees exceptional products and on-time delivery. Additionally, the company is pending ISO 90001 certification and is currently ISO 140001 certified, developing systems in ways that minimize waste or negatively impact the environment.

American Ingenuity With A Global Reach

Headquartered just outside Los Angeles, CA, Astrophysics products are proudly designed and assembled in the United States. With over 30,000 x-ray systems deployed in more than 150 countries, Astrophysics makes it their mission to protect the world’s critical infrastructure, transportation network and commerce.

As one of the world’s leading x-ray scanner manufacturers, Astrophysics is committed to keeping organizations safe with its powerful global defense solutions. “When it comes to the critical infrastructure market, we are the global leader in producing the highest number of units,” says François Zayek, founder and CEO of Astrophysics. At a time when the world is battling through the COVID-19 pandemic, Astrophysics is at the forefront of providing x-ray scanners that deliver comprehensive solutions and uncover threats, ensuring the global safety and security of communities.

So why do customers assert Astrophysics is the “Best Kept Secret” in the security industry? Today, they are pushing forward as a dynamic leader in the industry with contracts so large competitors and customers alike are taking notice, and the “secret” is getting out. Ultimately, Astrophysics’ differentiation comes down to three elements: their relentless focus on innovative technology, commitment to building customized x-ray scanners, and their drive to deliver world-class quality and service.

Innovative, Breakthrough Technology

CEO François Zayek could not have said it any better when talking about Astrophysics’ relentless focus on innovation: “It’s simple: our technology dominates everyone else.” The company pushes the boundaries of what is possible in x-ray security, delivering products that outpace and outperform the competition.

This innovative spirit has been at the heart of Astrophysics since it was first founded. Mr. Zayek utilized his extensive experience in x-ray imaging to design systems that produced high-quality images for security screening. Their x-ray systems include more standard features than any other competitor, and their intense focus on technology drives the company forward to this day.

Astrophysics prides itself on creating a legacy of industry firsts. The company pioneered imaging advancements that are now industry standards, including 6-color imaging, Real-time Diagnostics, 8-Color Imaging, and Enhanced Imaging (EI). EI is a revolutionary software that automatically performs post-processing enhancements to scanned x-ray images and creates clearer, more precise scans for inspection. Astrophysics’ firsts are not limited to its products. It also introduced the Online Service Management System (OSMS), an exclusive platform that enables customers direct access to real-time support, product information, claims management and reporting.

Astrophysics will soon reveal their next generation checkpoint technology, the revolutionary VI3D x-ray machine.

We are a privately owned company, and recognized by customers as the “best kept secret” in the security industry

The system leverages three distinct views to create real 3D images of objects using only one x-ray generator. It features 3D MotionView Software, a 23” touchscreen interface, mobile monitor stand, and remote workstation. The 3D scans dramatically improve screening personnel’s ability to detect hidden objects by reducing blind spots and generating images with impressive clarity, depth, and detail. Its chrome accents give the VI3D a sleek and modern design, and its compact footprint allows it to fit through standard doorways for easy installation.

Astrophysics’ Multi-ViewCT is the world’s first 3D CT cargo system. The MVCT is a first-of-its-kind combination x-ray and CT cargo scanning system, and the world’s first 3D CT cargo system. This disruptive technology is a significant advancement for cargo inspections and security screening. This advanced technology allows freight forwarders, airlines, and government agencies to perform rapid and effective cargo inspections without breaking bulk. In the field, this extraordinary system produces 360° images while its high-powered generator can penetrate up to 100mm of steel.

The MVCT combines its multi-view x-ray software with CT technology to generate 3D reconstructions of complex air cargo shipments. Entire pallets can be scanned quickly, then rotated and dissected visually by screening personnel to confirm cargo manifests and search for hidden threats. The system screens cargo 4x faster with 2x the penetration of traditional air cargo systems, making it one of Astrophysics’ most sought after and exceptional x-ray systems to date.

Astrophysics installed a MVCT 450kV at New York’s JFK Airport, and it is currently pending TSA Qualification. All that innovation translates into more effective security operations via reduced labor costs, increased screening productivity, and the assurance that personnel are achieving unparalleled levels of threat detection.

Astrophysics remains committed to R&D, providing world-class service, and delivering integrated solutions to meet each customer’s security needs. Unprecedented in the industry, Astrophysics custom-builds and manufactures over 50% of its units to the highest quality standards.

World-Class Quality & Service

Astrophysics has developed a diverse product line designed to meet each customer’s specific security requirements and overall mission. Whether it is the need for the best imaging technology to secure high threat sites, a highly customized product with unique configurations, or a centralized solution for managing multiple scanners, Astrophysics caters to every customer's needs.

That emphasis on quality extends to its service support as well. Astrophysics unmatched service takes pride in delivering local support backed by universal experience. Its global network of over 1,000 Astrophysics Certified Field Service Technicians ensure customers receive fast and reliable support 24/7. Astrophysics service personnel average 8-10 years tenure and have 5-7 years experience working on complex x-ray scanners; they are proven experts in the security industry. The service team’s solutions-focused approach is ingrained in the company culture, and service technicians work with customers to deliver support above and beyond industry expectations. Every service actively solicits customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Custom Scanners for Every Security Mission

Astrophysics does not just manufacture x-rays for screening bags and parcels.

They design scanners for every security mission, including those deployed at transit terminals, airports and key global commerce sites. Customized offerings even extend to tailored maintenance contracts designed to provide peace of mind and reduce cost of ownership for each customer’s x-ray scanners.

When considering how units can be customized to meet specific security missions, consider the XIS-6040SE. This compact, mobile unit is designed for security screening at schools, government facilities, and stadiums. It is outfitted with a water resistant belt that protects critical internal components from spills.

Need a scanner converted from single-view to dual-view? Astrophysics does that. Need the conveyor length extended? Astrophysics does that. Any upgrade customers need to meet their security mission, Astrophysics makes it happen.

Covid-19 Response

Astrophysics stands ready to support its customers’ needs, especially when the mission can change in an instant. This was made evident in Q1 2020, when the coronavirus dramatically impacted the world’s way of life. Astrophysics was ready to pivot in this new environment, while remembering that the presence of the coronavirus did not reduce the need for security screening. According to Mr. Zayek: “In the wake of COVID-19, it is of utmost importance to consider the wide-ranging implications the outbreak will have on global security. We have observed terrorists, extremists, and in some cases disgruntled individuals grow more unstable and violent, posing a growing threat to critical infrastructure. Military and government buildings, private corporate offices, among many others, are seeking out x-ray scanners to protect their security checkpoints. We, at Astrophysics, are answering this call with our customized critical infrastructure x-ray solutions delivered around the globe.”

Their checkpoint products are compatible with a custom Safety Shield to protect operators and the public from spreading harmful germs, and has proven to be effective in the field. They are also offering Safety Kits, available to purchase with any x-ray scanner, which contain all essential items for operators including a retro fit AOCP replaceable cover, and CDC recommended cleaning and sanitizing products.

Powerful High-Energy Portals

A growing leader in the ports and borders market, Astrophysics’ fully automated high-energy portals are perfect for inspecting vehicles, trucks and even shipping containers.

The HXC-LaneScan detects weapons, explosives and other contraband hidden inside motor vehicles. Its powerful 320kV generator allows the scanner to efficiently and safely scan small trucks and cars without requiring the driver or passengers to leave their vehicle. Providing unsurpassed image quality, this innovative technology has been deployed to ports and border crossings around the world, along with military bases and any location requiring high-throughput vehicle screening. Drivers simply move their vehicles through the portal, wait for approval from security personnel, and once given clearance are free to continue with their travels.

Astrophysics’ HXP-TotalScan and HXP-FreightScan serve another unique security mission - inspecting trucks and shipping containers moving through busy ports. The much larger portal size allows for semi-trucks and entire shipping containers to pass through for inspection. The HXP-TotalScan’s durable and ruggedized design can withstand powerful winds up to 62 mph and safely screen both trucks and drivers. The system’s powerful x-ray generator penetrates the steel surrounding each cargo container, allowing personnel to inspect quickly and effectively. Recently, the HXP-TotalScan installed at the Philippine’s Cebu Port demonstrated its effectiveness, helping local Bureau of Customs authorities intercept smuggled Chinese cigarettes valued at over $1.9M USD.

Industry Leader in X-Ray Security

Astrophysics puts theory into practice. Since its founding nearly twenty years ago, the company has been dedicated to continuously advancing x-ray security while delivering solutions customized to every customers’ unique mission. What makes this company the “Best Kept Secret” in the industry is its innovation, quality, and commitment to keeping communities and facilities safe. With its strong value proposition and mission in place, Astrophysics is leading the security industry and engineering a safer tomorrow.

- Aaron Pierce
    October 20, 2020
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Fortifying Critical Infrastructure Security

Fortifying Critical Infrastructure Security

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François Zayek, Founder and CEO

Astrophysics leads the global security industry in research and development, creating integrated solutions and customized x-ray scanners. Astrophysics commitment to security is why millions around the world trust them to keep their communities safe today, tomorrow, and always. Astrophysics has developed a diverse product line designed to meet each customer’s specific security requirements. Whether it is the need for the best imaging technology to secure high threat sites, a highly customized product with unique configurations, or a centralized solution for managing multiple scanners, Astrophysics caters to customer needs