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Fifth Dimension: Criminal Investigation Backed by AI

Doron Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, Fifth DimensionDoron Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder
AI has empowered disciplines like forensic science in the recent years, for example using face recognition and voice recognition technologies. The discipline has been instrumental in unravelling crime cases by retrieving key insights from traditional data. ‘Data is Knowledge’ is the adage that drives Fifth Dimension, a leading Israel-based AI solution provider believers in. The organization is known for its expertise in using artificial intelligence to help investigators in their endeavours. By leveraging Machine Learning on Big Data capabilities, the firm delivers a holistic platform that speeds up and facilitates the law-enforcement investigation.

“Fifth Dimension’s investigation platform is truly a game-changer in the security landscape, which will empower law enforcement agencies greatly. Our solution serves as a trusted assistant of our clients, helping unearth crucial information from large data volumes with the potential to lead investigations to intelligent conclusions”, elucidates Shani Shalgi, one of the firm’s veteran algorithms researchers. Shalgi emphasizes that the motive of the solution is to assist human investigators in the investigation process - by increasing their efficiency, productivity, priority of accessing data, and therefore enabling data-driven decisions - and not to replace them. The human agent is the only one accountable for the investigation process and solution. The holistic Fifth Dimension platform comprises of multiple databases that handles information of various kinds such as mugshots, CCTV footage, car license plate recognition (LPR) data, and audio recordings, phone call records (CDR) and text documents. Additionally, the platform amalgamates several modules such as face recognition, object recognition, voice recognition, text analysis, speech-to-text, entity extraction and group detection. Fifth Dimension is not a Computer Vision company, nor a Natural Language Processing company, but specializes in harnessing and integrating many different sophisticated capabilities specifically for police investigation usage.

Shani Shalgi, PhD, Algorithm Researcher & Developer, Fifth DimensionShani Shalgi, PhD, Algorithm Researcher & Developer
Thus, the one stop AI-powered investigation platform provides a lot of convenience to law enforcement initiatives that up until now rely on tedious manual processes and siloed solutions to access and analyse each type and source of data. One of the greatest advantages of the Fifth Dimension solution is that all information is made searchable and helps in the identification of a subset of information.

Most AI solution providers rely on an organization’s historical data to tailor an efficient solution. However, regulations often restrict investigative agencies from sharing data critical with foreign sources, thus posing a challenge for AI vendors to devise an ideal solution. Team Fifth Dimension frequently consults LEA experts to comprehensively understand the nature of data that police officials rely on to develop a platform specialized for Police Investigation usage. Fifth Dimension customizes its solutions to ensure they are aptly aligned with their client’s organizational goals. The firm’s talented resource pool comprehensively understands its clients’ needs, the types of crimes they mostly solve and the investigative approaches being followed and accordingly tailors a solution.

To illustrate the capabilities of her firm better, Shalgi recalls a case where Fifth Dimension delivered an effective solution for one of the firm’s esteemed LEA clients. During a proof of concept, the data from a few cases was entered into the Fifth Dimension platform. Without the system, the LEA analysts took three weeks to solve these cases, but using the system, analysts with no previous knowledge of the cases solved each case within three to four days. The firm’s highly qualified team comprises of highly experienced intelligence officers, mathematicians, Deep Learning as well as Big Data experts, who constantly strive to help client organizations reap the best from their data. Foreseeing the complexity of crimes that could occur in the future, the firm aims to tailor more sophisticated AI-powered solutions that could aid investigators in effortlessly resolve crimes that are no different from jigsaw puzzles.