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Chad Ganske, CEO, Federal CompassChad Ganske, CEO
Contracting out federal services has been the ever-increasing norm at all levels of the U.S. government. According to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, more than $1.1 trillion was spent on con-tractual services and supplies in 2020. As the country’s biggest purchasers of goods and services, it offers the best growth opportuni¬ties for businesses—from small startups to large enterprises. This results in numerous contractors bidding on a finite number of projects, where they dive in for all oppor¬tunities without knowing which suits their capabilities. The lack of market intelligence leaves them blind when choosing suitable contracts, and they often end up bidding on projects they can’t handle.

That’s precisely where Federal Compass can help.

With its experience, knowledge, and passion, Federal Compass fits the bill when it comes to challenging the status quo in federal contracting processes. As a brain¬child of two experts in the federal market intelligence space, the company offers unrivaled federal contracting experience with its market intelligence platform and consulting expertise. This unique combination of technol¬ogy and best practices enables Federal Compass to serve as a partner of choice that helps contractors address their most pressing needs.

Federal Compass’ end-to-end market intelligence software platform helps government contractors develop and manage strategies and pipelines—all in one place. The company’s all integrated solution provides high fidelity and personalization to decision-making and execution, making it ideal for contractors, ranging from the smallest LLCs to largest multi-billion dollar corporations.

“We help clients cut through the noise and bid on projects that matter to them, helping invest time and resources on op¬portunities that have a higher probability of wins,” says Chad Ganske, CEO of Federal Compass.

By providing contractors with market-centric insights, Federal Compass’ platform helps identify pathways to new customers and explore end-users looking for a client’s specific offerings. They can also identify potential buy¬ers, competitors, and spending trends in their personalized markets with unmatched fidelity.

Illustrating Federal Compass’s ability to help contractors with their operations is its collaboration with a leading IT and cyber¬security company. After monitoring sam. gov for quite a long time, in an attempt to find federal contracting opportunities, they realized most IT-related work was done through contract vehicles that they weren’t familiar with. In response, Federal Compass deployed their market intelligence platform to help the client identify key partners that could provide access to these contract vehicles. They were able to develop and execute a winning strategy by leveraging Federal Compass’ all-in-one platform.

  • We help clients cut through the noise and bid on projects that matter to them, helping invest time and resources on opportunities that have a higher probability of wins

For federal consultants, the platform is a robust service delivery tool. Consultants developing a business strategy or pipeline for a contractor often provide a PDF, Word document, or spreadsheet outlining the potential opportunities. However, the documents become outdated by the time they are delivered and offer little to no insights into the most recent market developments. With Federal Compass’ platform, consultants can develop strategies and pipelines and immediately provide them to customers, keeping them live and up-to-date.

Built with the highest levels of flexibility and integrability, Federal Compass’ solution can be easily integrated with enterprise systems like Salesforce. This gives contractors, especially in the commercial sector, a competitive edge in streamlining their contracting and execution operations.

Federal Compass is revolutionizing the playing field for federal contractors—of all size—by giving them access to the right market intelligence. This is helping contractors seam¬lessly evaluate pathways to succeed and stay competitive in their journey ahead.

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Federal Compass

Federal Compass

Tysons, VA

Chad Ganske, CEO and Jim Sherwood, CPO

Federal Compass provides opportunity tools and decision intelligence for federal contractors. The company represents a unique mix of federal contracting experience—opportunity and market intelligence platforms along with consulting experience—and offers the latest tech-enabled solutions that address contractors’ most pressing needs.