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Eric Tumperi, Chief Problem Solver & CEO, CorrectTechEric Tumperi, Chief Problem Solver & CEO If there is anything that Eric Tumperi, the CEO and chief problem solver of CorrectTech, remembers from his days as the founder of a software company specializing in voice supervision applications, it is the fact that every day comes as a realization and inspiration to break the status quo of the industry. “The decade of work that I put in the criminal justice sector led me to realize that there was passion embedded in me like Dr. Evan Crist, the founder and president of CorrectTech for providing agencies and organizations with high quality, affordable, and effective automation solutions, which in turn makes it seamless for their front-line staff to spend more time with their clients,” states Tumperi. In his interactions with correctional organizations, even today, he witnesses the struggle they go through as an outcome of not being able to break the data silos they have, and also the challenge of delivering quality programs with fidelity.

The corrections space continues to demand extensive paperwork and comprehensive program audits. This can leave little time for the staff at community corrections programs to focus on their core responsibilities. The first step to increasing the amount of time available to them is modifying the existing corrections-related workflows to simplify documentation and enhance data utilization. Facilitating this shift is CorrectTech with its integrated solution for the corrections realm. The company sets itself apart from alternatives with its sector-specific automation and data-driven decision-making capability, including the incorporation of artificial intelligence for targeted insights.

A Comprehensive and Robust Platform

Designed by community corrections professionals, CorrectTech offers comprehensive software and support services for residential, treatment, reentry, and probation programs. The company offers an integrated system to prevent paper shuffling and double entry of data while simultaneously enabling community corrections programs to increase time spent on individualized case management with clients. The platform streamlines its agencies’ operations and makes data available at the back-end. Tumperi comments, “Different organizations benefit from our software system with a powerful and customized implementation of their best practices. This also reinforces their core and required processes, enabling them to focus on what matters the most—People!”

CorrectTech’s solution has a built-in paperless documentation system, using biometrics for document signing, with installed sensors on key data points, which makes information and self-auditing easily accessible to both staff and management. The company’s digital platform includes automated intakes, automated discharges, and “everything in between” that a user may need to organize their information and workflow and documents in an intuitive manner.

We automate key business processes for the community corrections enterprise and bring it under one roof in a unified data system

“We automate key business processes for the community corrections enterprise and bring it under one roof in a unified data system,” informs Tumperi.

As a powerful report generator using data already entered by the agency, the platform supports Crystal Report templates to easily create documents pertaining to case plans, exception reports, monthly summaries, and much more. CorrectTech ensures that every agency has their own personalized set of data-driven configuration settings at the core of the integrated system. The configurable software modules and workflow items makes adding or editing various components of the system suited to adaptability with new agency initiatives. Further, the company also delivers an online training center which includes a comprehensive user’s manual, hundreds of articles and video tutorials that help agency staff familiarize themselves with every aspect of CorrectTech.

A True Community Corrections Software Application

The company’s software streamlines the execution of basic case functions such as assessment driven case plans, clinical treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dosage management, community service tracking, and automated treatment referrals. Spreadsheet-type manipulations can also be made using the data management tools without the need for data extraction or an extensive waiting period on internal IT resources. Beneficial case file auditing tools built into both the front- and back-end of operations automates tasks which in turn reinforce standards compliance and enable efficient audit compliance work. At the same time, the unification of data ensures its availability for review by all staff while enabling informed and hassle-free decision-making.

The CorrectTech software stack comprises 30 feature-rich modules—each subset chosen based on the unique functional requirements of each agency customer. The modular nature of the software ensures that even the most complicated requirements can be catered to without having to create custom code for the project. The system is capable of supporting various agencies, including correctional, residential community corrections, juvenile justice, work release, day reporting, probation and parole, and community-based treatment programs.

Tumperi recalls one such engagement where CorrectTech recognized the client’s need for automating the treatment plan using three different assessments and over 100 different interventions for each client housed in the facility. The use of CorrectTech’s auto-gen case plan function replaced the manual assessment and referral process with a software-generated approach, enabling the staff to concentrate on their client’s individualized needs. In addition, the software cut down on follow-on paperwork and made information from across the program more accessible to all staff. The automated processes also made it easier to track rule violations and incorporate targeted interventions in a timely and measured fashion.

“By using our software, the agency was able to reinforce management guidelines effectively and set the intensity of consequences appropriate for progressive transgressions by their clients, as well as provide positive reinforcement for good behavior,” states Tumperi.

AI as the Cornerstone of Evolution

Apart from delivering a cutting-edge platform for end-to-end automation of the corrections enterprise, CorrectTech is aware that there are mountains of valuable data housed in every agency’s legacy data systems. CorrectTech’s newest endeavor uses artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and predictive analytics solutions to develop promising new practices and help deliver timely insights and interventions, that Tumperi believes will contribute to reduced recidivism. “Ultimately, with the use of data science, an agency’s efficiency in making targeted decisions can be leveraged using their own stock pile of data,” Tumperi says. He goes on further to add that in the corrections world, where human behavior change is complicated, the same approach doesn’t work for every client assessed a certain way, and thus it is pivotal to leverage the multitude of data points already in hand, and putting machine learning techniques to work which optimize the chances of making a better decision for the benefit of the justice involved individual. “It has been a natural and logical progression for CorrectTech to include AI and machine learning in our own operational system, but also to provide the same service to agencies running a system other than CorrectTech. We are focusing heavily on novel ways to put data to use to help our industry achieve its purpose of reduced recidivism and increased public safety,” mentions Tumperi.

The Way Ahead

Founded in the field of residential community corrections, CorrectTech has carved a unique niche for itself in the industry by broadening its scope of work. “The purpose was always to provide a high level of service to meet more complex needs and demands of agency clients, and this will be our focus for the future,” comments Tumperi.

"It has been a natural and logical progression for us to include AI and machine learning solutions, and we are focusing heavily on this data rich field"

Going ahead, CorrectTech will continue to deliver its comprehensive solutions by developing process specific applications, but also offering AI-enabled solutions for agencies looking to put their decades of data to use in the here and now. At the helm of the company will be Tumperi who has been involved in all aspects of CorrectTech’s community corrections software business. He mentions that the team’s rich and robust backgrounds in carrying out daily operations enable them to truly understand the problems and challenges of its agency customers. Combining his 18 years of experience in the corrections software arena, Eric has gained insight into the opportunities for meeting the challenges that their agency clients may face. “We aim to help improve the effectiveness of community corrections programs through our software and services and ultimately indirectly aid in the restoration of correction’s involved citizens back into their families and communities,” concludes Tumperi.

- Justin S Gonsalves
    April 19, 2019