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AVET INS (AVET Information and Network Security): An All-Encompassing Consultant for Cybersecurity Management

Aleksander Czarnowski, CEO and Founder, AVET INS (AVET Information and Network Security)Aleksander Czarnowski, CEO and Founder
Boardroom dynamics have changed dramatically over the last few years. Executives at the C-level have now acknowledged the tremendous technical expertise needed to combat modern digital threats such as compliance fatigue, third-party data breaches, and phishing attacks. Replacing basic software developers with cybersecurity experts, companies have begun recruiting security specialists en masse and have thus created a dearth of talent in the market. Rushing in to fill this vacuum are several service providers who claim to be adept in mitigating cybersecurity complexities. While it remains true that IT security is more affordable and flexible when entrusted to the right experts, organizations need to partner with firms who have a long-standing, distinguished record of cybersecurity management, lest they fall prey to cyber-attacks.

One such company turning the tides against cybercrime is AVET INS (AVET Information and Network Security). At the forefront of delivering stellar cybersecurity consulting services to customers across the EU for over two decades, the company has brought together a team well-versed in risk management, compliance, secure software development, and much more.

AVET INS is a veteran in the cybersecurity landscape and has been making innovative strides in managing the entire cybersecurity lifecycle for clients since 1997. As a pioneer in the cyber safety consulting space in Poland and Europe, AVET INS develops and uses its own security solutions to aid its consultancy capabilities. “In essence, what separates us from other firms is our prowess in hiring professionals skilled in all aspects of cybersecurity. This allows us to efficiently transfer knowledge to key players and stakeholders, thereby accelerating digital transformation,” says Aleksander Czarnowski, CEO and Founder of AVET INS.

One of the more complex elements of cybersecurity that the organisation expertly handles is risk management.

We help our clients make the right decision for today and the foreseeable future

As a domain governed by numerous variables and events that are challenging to foresee and analyse accurately, cybersecurity budgets often exceed potential losses. “We help our clients make the right decision for today and the foreseeable future,” adds Czarnowski. AVET INS provides risk management services such as audits, penetration testing, application security checks, developer training, and more. Assessing an enterprise’s security level allows companies not only to identify and eliminate weak links in their cybersecurity posture but also to analyse how and why those vulnerabilities existed in the first place. It is here that AVET INS, yet again, sets itself leagues apart from the rest of the pack with how it helps clients tackle their security concerns. The company first provides clients with a report that lists all the security issues and weak spots in their digital architecture. AVET INS then works in-hand with the customer to organize a series of workshops where they can discuss mitigation strategies, and the AVET INS team can use their vast collective expertise to tackle issues on regulations, compliance, and other vulnerabilities. Such cybersecurity monitoring allows organisations to quickly react to dynamically-changing cyber threats and protect themselves from future attacks.

More importantly, AVET INS prioritises establishing a strong and healthy bond with its clients and strives to create long-lasting relationships with them. The team understands clients’ backgrounds and uses this knowledge to mould the company’s services around their needs. “Every project of ours is a success because we create a win-win situation that can lower the cost of security solutions and reduce potential losses,” says Czarnowski.

The Polish organisation also perceives market trends and movements and forges its services to meet the needs of the hour. For example, upon observing increasing concerns over privacy and data aggregation, AVET INS had a head-start providing GDPR and PSD2 compliant services. In recent times, where remote working became a mainstay, and several companies scrambled to adapt to the trend, AVET INS was already well-equipped to deal with the change and, consequently, could help its clients easily conform to the new cybersecurity measures too. As an independent consultant and auditor that deftly balances customer relationships and technological innovations, AVET INS is one among the elite few organisations that can weather even the most adverse changes in the cybersecurity arena, offering a complete portfolio of digital protection solutions and services.

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AVET INS (AVET Information and Network Security)

AVET INS (AVET Information and Network Security)

Warsaw, Poland

Aleksander Czarnowski, CEO and Founder

AVET INS has more than 23 years of experience in delivering cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance consulting services for customers across the European Union.As an independent consultant and auditor, we help medium and large enterprises managing cybersecurity effectively. The company’s main sectors include Automotive, Banking, Cloud Service Providers, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, IoT, Payments, Software Development, Telco. AVET INS removes the uncertainty gap in how secure and ready to cyber threats a business is by assessing the complete organization, applications, and infrastructure security using advanced and innovative penetration techniques