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Ark Data Centres: Fueling Cloud Migration through Data Centres

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Stephen Hall, CEO of Crown Hosting, Ark Data CentresStephen Hall, CEO of Crown Hosting
In 2015, the UK government ran a competition to select the most suitable solution provider that could comprehensively fulfill all of the government’s data centre requirements. The winner would cater to installation, maintenance, and operation of the government’s IT systems along with providing data centre LAN and interoperability services. Ark Data Centres—a provider of highly secure and efficient data centres—won the contract and signed a joint venture with the government to form Crown Hosting Data Centres. The venture primarily focused on centralising various non-cloud data centre services across the government’s entire IT ecosystem. Since then, Crown Hosting has been instrumental in carrying out numerous IT transformations in the public sector, in turn, exemplifying Ark’s proficiency in the data centre marketplace.

Ark’s expertise in data centre solutions precisely aligns with the service-centric approach that most organizations follow when transitioning to a cloud ecosystem. However, migrating from a legacy infrastructure to a cloud environment is a complex task, which has its fair share of challenges. “Organizations often assume cloud migration to be a one step process, whereas, cloud requires a company to take smaller steps that lead to a larger transformation,” adds Stephen Hall, CEO of Crown Hosting.

By ensuring significant improvements in operational efficiency and energy conservation through its data centre offerings, Ark facilitates the scope for scalability in terms of hosting capacity. The company benefits from a notable track record of 10 plus years in the real-world deployments of enterprise data centre services, wherein, legacy applications do not necessarily translate into cloud configurations.

“We enjoy a success rate of 100 percent in transforming legacy infrastructures into our own data centre hosting environments; we have gained immense experience doing just that over the past four years,” states Hall. The company also caters to the varying demands of public sector organizations by offering ‘pay-as-you-go’ data centre services, which have all the attributes that are essential for an enterprise’s cloud journey.

Ark’s approach to digital transformation within the UK public sector is backed by its state-of-the-art data centre solutions, such as Direct Air-Cooled Data Centre, Indirect Air-Cooled Data Centre, and Chilled Water Data Centre. These configurations use high-tech adiabatic coolers and heat exchangers that dramatically lower the energy consumption and costs associated with the equipment. “Our solution costs 50 percent less than a traditional data centre while also offering the much-needed performance characteristics,” adds Hall.

More importantly, the company has enabled a number of digital transformations for a wide range of public sector organisations, which illustrates Ark’s unique value proposition in the UK marketplace. By example, a client of Ark decided to transition their services to the cloud and move away from a 20-year-old legacy infrastructure. Powered by Ark’s technology, Crown Hosting was able to transform the client’s traditional environment to a flexible hybrid cloud ecosystem in 15 months. The new cloud hosting cut down the cost of infrastructure by 50 percent. On the whole, the Crown Hosting solution delivered both significant monetary savings and improvements in operational resilience to the client.

Ark’s highly secure data centres are one of the most efficient in the UK. The customer testimonials alone substantiate the fact that over 60 clients are pleased with their decreased electricity bill and rental charges post the adoption of the Ark’s products. Initially, the company started out with just two locations for their data centres, and they are now planning for the fourth and fifth site due to increasing demand. Forecasting such demands in the near future, Ark is focused on delivering the latest technological advancements available in the market to aid substantial IT transformations and ensure cost savings for its clients.