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Amida Technology Solutions: The Data Management Specialist

As a former public official at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Peter Levin witnessed first-hand, one of the core challenges afflicting the government sector today. In a consumer-driven economy, Levin notes that public and private companies alike direct their focus on the more glamorous problems of user facing applications and services. But downstream applications in order to function effectively need access to clean data. While the transformative potential of big data is incontestable, most organizations struggle with highly unstructured and fragmented data.

To define the data related challenges of organizations, Levin highlights an interesting analogy. “When the owner of a Ferrari goes to a gas station, they don’t care whether the oil comes from the tar sands of Canada or the desert sands of the Middle East; they just want the car to run.”

Similarly, Amida Technology Solutions with its deep expertise in data management and administration is focused on bringing data to organizations, enabling customers to focus on value-add while eliminating all challenges in data access, exchange, and security. “We are well-positioned to retrieve, collect, reconcile, and condition organizational data for business intelligence, predictive analytics, decision support, and transactions, while specializing in security, audit and control services,” states Dr. Peter Levin, the CEO of Amida Technology Solutions.

At its core, Amida is an open source software development company that enables seamless data interoperability between disparate systems and secure data exchange with open source and customized adapters. At the onset of a project, Amida helps clients define their problem and gain a clear understanding of the data inventory. Following which, the company installs software that is configured and customized to clients’ specific applications. For the maximum benefit of organizations, Amida can also host the services provided to customers.

Drawing attention to a specific use case Levin says that, “The healthcare industry is especially fractured. It’s not only difficult to consolidate and reconcile data from a variety of different sources but a list of legal, technical, and clinical regulations restrict the transfer and exchange of health information.” Amida’s open source tools and components prove to be an ideal solution in such scenarios as it automates that flow of information in an auditable and controlled way. For instance, the company has designed a health IT application, Orange Rx, which combines their open source technology with a simple and intuitive interface to help victims of opiod and substance abuse addiction. The platform automatically imports data from a variety of electronic sources to track and log medications, making medication adherence easy and safe. Amida’s data management strategies have also seen significant success in cybersecurity. To identify enterprise vulnerabilities, another cutting-edge platform offered by them is a hardware trojan detection platform TE3. The solution continuously collects and monitors data from devices, facilitates institutional exchange of data from one federal healthcare entity to another, and triggers countermeasures.

Amida’s comprehensive information frameworks and open source tools are the trusted choice for several public sector agencies and NGOs as well. Turning data into knowledge is Indaba, a data collection and collaboration platform that is changing the face of decision-making for NGOs and public sectors organizations. Indaba helps convert subjective information into quantifiable measurements and evaluations and empowers government agencies to use data to make crucial and impactful decisions.

Amida’s unique value proposition is better highlighted through a case in point of a client that was losing substantial revenue due to poor data management. They had an engaging user interface but were unable to keep track of the transactions performed between the primary resources and the conveyance of that data to the government for payment. With Amida’s compelling data management strategy, the client was able to prepare the data according to the requirements of their stakeholders and in turn received billions of dollars in reimbursement.

Amida enables seamless data interoperability between disparate systems and secure data exchange with open source and customized adapters

The team at Amida is currently developing products in support of the national security infrastructure, which Levin believes can be further secured through proper data management. “We want to be present at the periphery of data extraction, whether the data is streaming off semiconductors or a submarine, we want to make sure it’s reliable and secure,” he adds. The company is also looking at designing new and innovative ways to tackle the present day challenges in creating longitudinal health records.

Levin credits a large part of Amida’s success to their highly technical and differentiated team. In addition, the company has a powerful board that comprises top-notch technologists, distinguished and senior government officials, and prominent business leaders. Levin himself is a former engineering professor, the author of several academic research publications in computer modeling, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and holds several patents. What began as a vision to redefine data governance in 2013, has garnered significant attention in a short span of time from venture capitalists, partners, and customers alike. Given their competent team, strategic partnerships with industry giants like Red Hat, and Levin’s strong leadership and deep knowledge about the art and science of data and innovation, Amida is well on its way to become the next big authority on data management.