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Brian Fitzpatrick, CEO, Active SolutionsBrian Fitzpatrick, CEO
Active Solutions has a 20 year history of making the world a safer and smarter place to live with SafeCity and SmartCity products and IoT deployment strategies. The company has a strong reputation for reliable, innovative and cost effective technology.

Best known for their SafeCityCam™ for municipal surveillance and communications hub, Neighborhood WatchCam™ for neighborhoods and the RDIcam™ (pronounced Ready Cam) for wireless rapid deployment and situational awareness, Active Solutions also manufactures custom solutions, including covert.AI based analytics serve as a force multiplier, providing automated triggers and alerts for crime deterrence and intervention as well as powerful tools for investigative analysis.

The company is a strong supporter and employer of US military veterans and continues itssupport of US based and US trade-friendly suppliers for key components and raw materials.

Case Study - City of New Orleans

In one of the most popular tourist cities, with the largest tonnage port in the US, the City of New Orleans planned a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). Active Solutions was chosen to deploy a municipal-wide surveillance system covering 350 square miles. The system “saved over 3000 man-hours in investigative work in its first year and has the ability to improve the entire criminal justice system” according to Collin Arnold, the City’s Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

The RTCC has proven to be an effective force multiplier. In the French Quarter, the NOPD experienced a dramatic increase in their ability to close violent crime cases from 19 percent to 91 percent over a 12 month period.

During storm events, the RTCC verifies reports of flooding for street closure response. The Department of Sanitationnow hasradar-linked hotspots to thwart illegal dumping. Analytics and loudspeakers alert the dumpers of their detection and dispatch law enforcement to the area.

Active Solutions CEO Brian Fitzpatrick commented, “Our municipal clients didn’t anticipate the far-reaching effects of high definition, intelligent video evidence such asacceleration of the prosecution process,increased plea bargaining, reduction of witness intimidation, fewer trial continuances and decreases in pre-trial prison population. Other benefits includedneighborhood revitalization, with an impact on blighted housingthrough the reduction in drug dealing and the removal of negative influences from the streets. Better management of loitering zones, pick-pocket reduction and increased park safety are also a benefit.”

The Future

The data from a growing field of devices will grow exponentially over the next few years. Leveraging strategic deployments of fiber, broadband and wireless technologies is imperative.

SafeCity devices, such as intelligent cameras, gunshot andcollision detection, license plate recognition and access control or SmartCity technology such as parking availability sensors, lighting, traffic management or vaping detection, all require a conduit to the host. Active Solutions deploymentsconsolidate the communication needsfor these sensors.

“Cities are in a competition for the brightest minds, the strongest workforce, and innovative developers of the most interesting and compelling concepts. Rural residents want to join the Digital Economy. Attracting and retaining the next generation of citizens is paramount. Deploying the latest and greatest concepts and technology to improve quality of life sets communities apart,”states Fitzpatrick.

Active Solutions is creating unique and innovative ways to aggregate and present data that make for a better and safer world.

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Active Solutions

Active Solutions

New Orleans, LA

Brian Fitzpatrick, CEO

Active Solutions specializes in municipal, large campus and educational deployments. They manufacture, integrate and deploy video surveillance, access control, and information technology for smarter and safer cities. Systems include Artificial Intelligence based analytics and machine learning, hyperconverged data center deployment as well as Hybrid Cloud / Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) options