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Testing the Waters-Lessons for Organizations Outsourcing Usability Testing Tools for the First Time
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Percy Dara Hilloo, Head-Testing Practice, Blue Star Infotech

Outsourcing User Acceptance Testing (UAT), the last critical mile to cross before launching a product/software in the market has slowly gained prominence over the years with the maturity of testing and outsourcing itself. While organizations may...

Legal Process Outsourcing and the Technological Revolution in Legal Services Delivery
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Mark Ross, SVP-Legal Process Outsourcing, Integreon

Even before the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008, in-house legal departments and their outside counsel were under considerable pressure to do more with less. The great recession exacerbated this pressure and led to a surge in the...

Technology, Transactions, and Transformation
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Tarek Tomes, CIO, City of Saint Paul

I recently created my best ever home video. It is a compilation of videos of my youngest son from over the years. It contains short video segments that were edited from longer family videos. These video segments were complimented with incredible...

Maine State Cybersecurity: A Journey
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Victor Chakravarty, Associate CIO of Infrastructure, State of Maine

The Challenge The State of Maine likely holds the personal records of the entire Maine citizenry of 1.3 million people, as well as some from our neighboring states and Canadian provinces. These records are spread across some 1,000 servers and...

Building an IT Workforce - Finding talent in all the Right Places
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

I was at a meeting recently where … CIOs from several Maine companies said cyber security is the greatest risk they face. I was at a meeting recently where … CIOs from several Maine companies said they cannot find or keep mid...

2018 AI In Healthcare Forecast: Is Winter Coming?
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Vijay Venkatesan, Chief Data Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capturing the imagination of healthcare providers, earning it star-status as the “next big thing.” Who can blame people for dreaming big, especially with the prospect of smart machines unlocking more...

Healthcare's Best Shot at Doing AI Right: Make it Invisible
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Keith Bigelow, GM of Analytics, GE Healthcare

AI won’t cure cancer. It won’t solve healthcare’s interoperability problem. And it won’t replace your radiologist. That stated, I agree with Curtis Langlotz, MD, PhD of Stanford, who stated at RSNA this year that...

Big Data and AI Driving Success in Modern Businesses
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Big Data is not just a business trend anymore; data handling skills can make or break an organization. Big data is now the most crucial component of any business across industries. The role of big data in delivering useful insights is...

Major Cities Getting Major Makeovers with IoT
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An integrated approach to technology implementation through digital transformation solution with a focus on smart cities and communities defines the basics of creating smart and engaged communities with IoT. Smart city goals and objectives begin...

AI: Accelerating Decision-Making
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Nigel Duffy, CTO, Sentient Technologies

The key to victory is to make more appropriate decisions more quickly than one’s opponents. This critical insight, developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd, is embodied in his OODA Loop concept. The principle applies as much to business...

Reconciling the AI-human conflict with the centaur model
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Kevin Yamazaki, CEO, Sidebench

The centaur model is bringing the once-mythological human hybrid into reality. Instead of half-horse, however, this centaur is half-computer. A human’s nuanced decision-making fuses with the powerful analytics of artificial...

A Primer on Secure DevOps: Why DevSecOps Matters & How it Can Help Your Organization
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Tristan Boutros, CTO, ASCAP

Enterprise computing is going through a major transformation of infrastructure and technology delivery models, one that is at least as disruptive as the move from mainframe computing and sequential management to web-based architectures and...

Achieving Information Security in Healthcare
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Dan Costantino, CISO, Penn Medicine

Owing to the growing concerns of patient data security, it’s indispensable for the healthcare experts to reassess their information security programs on a continual basis as it matures. It is critical to scrutinize whether you have...

Data Science: 3 Lessons Learned From My First Year Working With Data in DC
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David Elges, CIO, DC Government

In this article, I will share with you three lessons that I learned while working at the DC Government that uses data to solve the most complex problems in the District of Columbia impacting the Districts most vulnerable citizens its children....

Convergence of IT and Law Enforcement
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Usama Georges, CIO, San Diego County District Attorney

Challenges of Transitioning from Corporate to Public Sector A noticeable commonality during the transition was that although resources were not the same, the importance of IT was significant and apparent in both these sectors. IT is like a...

Embracing Cloud for a Promising Tomorrow
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David Shive, CIO, GSA

1) How do you see cloud computing transforming governance, and how have you embraced it? With proven results in the form of greater ROI, cloud computing is witnessing rampant adoption by both the corporate and government organizations....

From IT Service Management to Corporate Service Management
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Graham K Draughon, President, Blackthorn Cyber Security, LLC & Advisory CISO, Onemain Holdings, Inc.

IT Service Management is often equated with Help Desk operations. Certainly, support tickets and break-fix can represent a significant number of incidents. A fully featured IT Service Management solution will support provisioning and...

IT Governance in a Government Environment
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

Smart phone access to services, drones, body cameras, sensors, intelligent CRM offerings, cloud solutions, voice response systems–citizen expectations of government services today are high. Citizens, the customers of government, expect a...

Focus on the Fundamentals, then the Shiny Objects
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Ed Toner, CIO, State of Nebraska

Technology leaders have too many choices these days. They have so many options that they can get distracted from the most basic imperative of effective and efficient delivery of technology services. New technology is being presented at a...

FDA's Digital Transformation
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Todd Simpson, CIO, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices and by ensuring the safety of our...

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