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Innovating Intelligently
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Joe Iannello, VP and CIO, Capital Metro

Regardless of what business you are in, whether you work in the private or public sector—if you are selling or providing a product or service to your customers— then innovation is a critical success factor in gaining and retaining...

Cities going Smart with the Big Data to Become City of the Future
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The Smart City idea has been actively involved for a long time. Cities are identified as smart cities of the future. Smart cities can profoundly change our lives at many levels, like less pollution, waste, traffic problems, and energy savings, at...

How to Overcome the Challenges Faced by Smart City Projects
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The concept of exploring smart city has become fast and tedious with technological advancements such as big data analytics, Internet of Things(IoT) and the proliferation of cloud computing. However, utilization of this progressive concept is...

New Trends and Advancements in Radiology
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Healthcare providers use cloud-based imaging platforms to examine and share medical images anywhere and anytime securely. New technological advancements in radiology will have more focus on patient interaction and patient-centered care. ...

Importance of GIS in Building a Smart City
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Smart Cities can be defined as a data-driven environment aimed to provide sustainability, driven by information and communication technology along with the use of other disruptive technologies in multiple application scenarios. The...

Rising Trajectory of Cyberthreats: Means to Prevention
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Due to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in various sectors, there is a driving need for security as well. Cyberattacks are inevitable as they can damage businesses’ credibility. Automation of businesses requires consumer data...

The Implementation of Mobile Computing in Health Care
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Mary Alice Annecharico, SVP & CIO, Henry Ford Health System

Healthcare is experiencing a series of interdependent health care reform initiatives at whose cores lies the active involvement of the patient. Meaningful Use (MU), the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs),...

Assurance, not Compliance - Using the 20 Critical Security Controls
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Randy Marchany, CISO, Virginia Tech IT Security Office and Lab

One of the challenges of an information security program is how to translate the high level requirements of an Infosec standard such as ISO 27002 into an effective operational implementation plan. For example, how does one translate an ISO 27002...

These Five Innovations are Changing How you will Secure your Digital Operations
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Andrew Kling, Director of Cybersecurity and Software Practices, Process Automation Business, Schneider Electric

Today, there is more technology-driven possibility at our fingertips than ever before. Within the manufacturing industry, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and digital tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality are being...

Innovative Tech to Minimize Construction-related Accidents
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The construction world has undergone a massive transformation due to the emergence of technologies like AI and IoT, as they reduce manual work and help in completing tasks faster within the deadline. For example, when a person wishes to know the...

Technology in Emergency Management
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Geoffrey C. Bartlett, Director of Emergency Management, Tufts University

In 1971, the Office of Emergency Preparedness—a predecessor to FEMA— tasked one of its scientists to come up with a way for decision-makers spread across the country to collaborate in real-time in response to an emerging crisis. Thus...

3rd Annual Smart Cities International Symposium Coming to Chicago
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The 3rd Annual Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition, January 22-24, 2019 in Chicago brings together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the most recent technology advances, business models,...

Surveillance Overview- Why Invest in One?
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Jeff Archer, VP-IT, Tijuana Flats

Video Surveillance: Needs and Advantages Video Surveillance Solutions helps protect people, places and things. Video surveillance comes in many different forms and types. Let’s review a few and see what could work for you. I am going...

7 Super Human Trends in Video Surveillance
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Carl Herberger, VP-Security Solutions, Radware

Superman has X-Ray vision. Hawkgirl, another famous superhero, has super-acute vision – something akin to a hawk. Other superheroes were gifted with night vision or even eyes that fired deadly laser beams. However did you know that these...

Users, Don't Take the Bait!
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Martin P. Rose, CIO, Pinellas County Government

Information Technology Security is a sum of many parts. Border security involves layers of security systems across multiple networks. Virus protection involves updated virus datasets and tools. Physical security involves facility access and...

Cohda Wireless: Ushering into CAVs Era
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Paul Gray, CEO

Renders market-proven applications for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians to make streets safer, smarter and greener

Kyosis Smart Parking Technologies: Complex Parking Made Simple
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Rupesh Patel, Owner

Provides best-in-class and cost-effective parking technology solutions to ensure optimal utilization of space

Drone Air Traffic Control
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Lee Priest, CEO, ETAK

Background A tremendous opportunity will soon open up for drone deliveries to homes and businesses and within a few years, we should also experience drone “Flying Cars”. A significant hurdle holding up deployment is the lack of a...