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Build a Cyber Security Ecosystem to Reduce Risk in the Public Sector
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Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

High profile security breaches continue to lead the news each week. Atlanta was the latest municipality to report a high impact security event with the loss of core city services for an extended period. Baltimore’s 911 system was impacted by...

Technology Adding More Dimensions to Business
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Chris Chiancone, CIO, City of Plano

Technology and its services have been thrusted from the one time caboose to the engine that runs most of the world’s business processing. This transformation happened almost overnight and the effects of the change, coupled with the force and...

Opportunities and Challenges of SaaS in the Government Sector
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Gary Gorson, CTO, Lake County

The rapid transformation of software vendor business models to include, and often migrate entirely to, Software as a Service (Saas) has included products specific to the public sector. Along with generic offerings like Microsoft’s Office365,...

Unisys Moves its Financial and Business Management Systems (FBMS) to Cloud
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BLUE BELL, PA: Unisys switches its Department of the Interior (DOI) Financial and Business Management application on to Cloud to provide significant flexibility. Unisys aims to simplify management of the SAP and Compusearch cloud...

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