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Oregon Secretary of State Transforms Technology Systems
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Roland Rivera, CIO, Oregon Secretary of State

The 21st century CIO is a multifaceted professional adept in a full spectrum of skills, including business and finance, technology, human relations, and organizational change. In order to be truly effective, a CIO seeking to make lasting change...

Leveraging Technology to Meet New Hospitality and Gaming Trends
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Marlon Ortiz, VP of IT, American Casino and Entertainment Properties

The history of the modern casino and gaming culture dates back to the early 20th century where slot machines were predominant, and a gambler put in a coin and pulled a lever. The wheel spins, and when three identical cherries matched, there was a...

For Government to be Truly Data-Centric, Embrace DataOps
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Tyler Kleykamp, Chief Data Officer, State of Connecticut

For a few years now, local, state, and federal governments have been embracing agile software development and integrating DevOps into their work. These concepts have grown in popularity as various levels of government have sought to replace legacy...

How to Ensure Information Security when Outsourcing Your Projects
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Sergiy Korniyenko, COO, Agiliway

Information security is one of the most concerning issues for those who are thinking about outsourcing their software development or administrative projects. For many people, this is a showstopper which prevents them from making the first step and...

Improving Government Services
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Bill Portelli, CEO & Chairman, Collabnet

For government agencies, providing improved public service increasingly centers on the use of technology and software. Today’s citizens increasingly expect the same type of ease-of-use, access and automation via web, mobile, and cloud-based...

AI: Accelerating Decision-Making
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Nigel Duffy, CTO, Sentient Technologies

The key to victory is to make more appropriate decisions more quickly than one’s opponents. This critical insight, developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd, is embodied in his OODA Loop concept. The principle applies as much to business...

AI-Bridging the Human Element
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Bridget Frey, CTO, Redfin

1. Could you walk us through the application of AI in the real estate arena? I joined Redfin six years ago and founded our analytics engineering team. Redfin’s objective is to redefine real estate in the consumer’s favor....

A Primer on Secure DevOps: Why DevSecOps Matters & How it Can Help Your Organization
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Tristan Boutros, CTO, ASCAP

Enterprise computing is going through a major transformation of infrastructure and technology delivery models, one that is at least as disruptive as the move from mainframe computing and sequential management to web-based architectures and...

FDA's Digital Transformation
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Todd Simpson, CIO, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices and by ensuring the safety of our...

Our Biggest Problem
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Laura Fucci, CIO, City of Henderson

What is the biggest problem you face today as a CIO? For me, it is a toss-up between cybersecurity and workforce shortage, but I would need to side with workforce shortage, especially since it impacts cybersecurity. The workforce statistics from...

IT Transformation at EPA
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Ann Dunkin, CIO, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The government is full of smart, talented people who have chosen to forego the potential financial rewards of the private sector because they believe deeply in public service andthe mission of their agency. We often criticize government employees...

Leading the Digital Business Culture
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Chad Sheridan, CIO, USDA

Digital Business arises from the combination of four major forces—cloud, mobile, social, and data—along with the rapid expansion of internet-connected devices. Digital business allows us to create new opportunities that blur the lines...

The Power of Positive Costing Improving customer satisfaction through Service Based Costing
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Mark Decker, CIO & Technology Director, Jackson County, Oregon

Service Based Costing masquerades as a dry ITIL accounting concept, but it’s secretly a powerful tool for driving high IT customer satisfaction. To attract and keep customers, most vendors focus on things like quality products, friendly...

Tapestry Solutions Bags the United States Transportation Command Contract to Enhance ICODES
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SAN DIEGO, CA: Tapestry Solutions, a non-fully integrated subsidiary of Boeing, has recently been awarded a $16.3Mn United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) contract to improve and maintain the Integrated Computerized Deployment System...

IBM, CenturyLink, and the State of Louisiana Ink Deal to Boost Tech Jobs in the Region
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FREMONT, CA: IBM, CenturyLink, and the State of Louisiana announce a public-private partnership through which up to 800 new jobs will be created in Louisiana which will cater to the clients’ demands of IBM for Big Data, cloud computing, and...

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