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Leveraging Technology to Meet New Hospitality and Gaming Trends
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Marlon Ortiz, VP of IT, American Casino and Entertainment Properties

The history of the modern casino and gaming culture dates back to the early 20th century where slot machines were predominant, and a gambler put in a coin and pulled a lever. The wheel spins, and when three identical cherries matched, there was a...

Big Data Analytics Influencing Small Business Social Media Marketing
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Big data and data analytics have made industries to gravitate towards it. The mark of both can be easily observed in each sector and results obtained by adapting them are gratifying. In the modern day, where business revolves around the customer...

Consolidating IT To Run State Agencies
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Carolyn Parnell, CIO, State Of Minnesota

Technology trends like Social Media, Mobility and Cloud that have significant impact on business environment In a consistent effort on the governor’s office, we see to it that the state has a very good presence in social media space. We...

Government IT - The Data Debate
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Guy Helmer, AVP, DLP Development, Absolute Software

Information security challenges and government IT seem to go hand in hand. Nowhere is there a more regulated space within which IT must work to protect large amounts of sensitive data and guard against security incidents that may put the...

Local Perspective on Homeland Security for 2018
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Bill Hunter, Director, Communications and Information Technology, County of Roanoke

When asked to write this article, it gave me pause. I thought, “Why would they want input from local government on what most people consider to be a nationally driven program?” If you would have asked me fifteen years ago as a US...

Leveraging Technology to Transform Governance
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Stu Davis, CIO, State of Ohio

In 2012, we developed Cloud Guidance for the State agencies that served to educate and identify considerations that should be given before moving to cloud solutions. These considerations now seem fairly straightforward now. Things like...

Engaging Citizens through Technology
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Martin P. Rose, CIO, Pinellas County

As I started my career in the private sector, I had a very different view of the word “customer.” Every business I worked for knew very intimately who their customers were and what they wanted or they did not survive. Customer feedback...

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