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Cyber Big Data
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Michael T. Dent, CISO, Fairfax County Government

Cyber security in today’s enterprise is somewhat synonymous. Organizations are now challenged with ingesting huge amounts of data and what to do with them, cyber security is no exception. Fairfax County’s Next...

Combating Cybersecurity Challenges
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Ram Murthy, CIO, US Railroad Retirement Board

With ever increasing information security and privacy risks, we must make our systems and processes more robust. Several federal agencies and well-established institutions have legacy systems built using an architecture that was deemed vigorous 40...

Build a Cyber Security Ecosystem to Reduce Risk in the Public Sector
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Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

High profile security breaches continue to lead the news each week. Atlanta was the latest municipality to report a high impact security event with the loss of core city services for an extended period. Baltimore’s 911 system was impacted by...

Data Architecture Considerations Involving Cybersecurity and Data Analytics
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Lester Godsey, CISO, City of Mesa

One would be hard pressed to find two enterprise services that require more data than Cybersecurity and Data Analytics. According to, “Data analytics is the pursuit of extracting meaning from raw data using specialized...

The Increasing Value of Cyber Threat Intelligence
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Thomas Gresham, Acting Director, Business Information and Technology, San Diego Unified Port District

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is becoming a critical component in an organization’s overall risk mitigation strategy. In recent years, the use of threat intelligence has gained popularity as the value of threat prediction and proactive...

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