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Airlifting the Aerospace Arena with Technology and People
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Willie Krenz, CIO, The Aerospace Corporation

I said for quite a while that Aerospace would be one the last companies to embrace the use of cloud computing due to the security requirements. The benefits, particularly for a company of our size and geographic diversity, have been...

Govtech Startups Deserve a Fresh Look
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Rachel Stern, Vice President, InState Partners

With the rapid pace of innovation in the govtech sector, public procurement officials must take a fresh look at how they can integrate new technologies into their suite of solutions. While governments are not in the business of risk-taking, it...

Unleashing the Potential of Cloud
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Maria Roat, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration

What according to you are some of the upcoming trends in the Cloud landscape? IT architects have redefined the definition of cloud computing, which is helping the technology grow and add weight to the statement. Initially, security concerns...

Cloud Solution: A Journey Through the Ages
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Steve Emanuel, Chief Information and Technology Officer, City of Newark

The first wave of cloud computing came during 2008-2009, and that was when cloud capabilities were at their nascent stage. The technology was yet to be mature for its implementation in government projects, especially for large governments. On the...

Importance of User Authentication with Cloud Services
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George Khalil, CIO, City of Riverside

What are some of the recent trends and challenges in the cloud computing landscape? The most prominent challenge in cloud computing is the integration with user identity. Today, the proliferation of cloud has led to increased cloud-based...

Strategies for Local Government Engagement in the Digital Age
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Darryl Polk, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Rancho Cucamonga

When I started my career, community engagement was a contact sport. Most interactions were in- for information or called the City operator to report issues. What we lacked in volume we made up in individual attention and the ability to connect in...

Enabling Cloud in Government Organizations
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Cloud can help break down data silos, connect stakeholders, drive AI implementation, and connect various stakeholders, thereby enabling potential innovations. FREMONT, CA: Traditionally, cloud computing was cherished for its enablement of cost...

Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts
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FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing platforms are proliferating across enterprises serving as the IT infrastructure driving new digital business. Enhanced automation and agility, need for delivering improved customer experience, increased cost savings...

Time to Think Differently
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Joseph DiBiase, Director Global Information Security, Interface

As with many of my CISO colleagues, our businesses have been moving (sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly) to the cloud. We see constant introduction of new SaaS applications and utilization of PaaS and IaaS services from Amazon, Microsoft,...

Leveraging Big Data For Small Businesses
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Business data has existed for ages in the form of handwritten ledgers, filing cabinets, floppy disks and many more, a precious resource untapped. These data equipped with useful information help companies effectively market to customers. But such...

Know-how of Various Cloud Services: A Way-out to Eliminate Risks
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The advent of cloud computing has changed the conventional notion of handling data, providing enterprises with an agile, efficient, and cost-effective way-out. IDC report has predicted that the annual investment in public cloud will grow by 21.9...

The Federal Government Turns to IT
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Francisco Salguero, Deputy CIO, USDA

The federal government can be slow to adopt new technologies in comparison to private industries due to several factors that include the length of time it takes to appropriate and approve additional dollars. However, over the past several years we...

The Cloud Strategy at the State
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Jim Purcell, Secretary of Information Technology (acting) / CIO, State of Alabama

Cloud computing as a term was introduced in the late 1990’s and became a viable technology strategy in the late 2000’s. The commercial enterprises were early adopters, along with research institutions of higher education. State...

Data, Analytics, Visualization, and More: What Digital Technologies Do Governments Invest in
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Robin A. Thottungal, Chief Data Scientist/Director, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In your experience, what are the technological trends you’ve witnessed happening? If we look from a technology competency standpoint, the whole idea of digital transformation in an organization, be it in the public sector or any...

End-to-end Cloud Technology Solutions in the Government Space
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Cloud innovations are moving past the exploration stage and are already finding the real-world adoption. Meanwhile, the globalization has accelerated, and a backlash has generated as a result of economic inequalities. Trust in government has...

Enterprise Security Strategies in Today's Threat Environment
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Mike Convertino, VP and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), F5 Networks

Contrary to popular belief, the threats that both companies and we as individuals are facing today are more sophisticated than in the past. In the past, the term “script kiddie” was frequently thrown about and it was for good reason:...

Every Company Needs a Cloud Strategy
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Andrew Pryfogle, SVP, Cloud Transformation, Intelisys Communications

Cloud technology is universally relevant. A recent study by IDC projected $70 billion of growth by the end of 2015, in the public cloud market alone. Furthermore, it estimated that the number of new cloud-based solutions will triple within five...

Government IT - The Data Debate
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Guy Helmer, AVP, DLP Development, Absolute Software

Information security challenges and government IT seem to go hand in hand. Nowhere is there a more regulated space within which IT must work to protect large amounts of sensitive data and guard against security incidents that may put the...

Surveillance Overview- Why Invest in One?
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Jeff Archer, VP-IT, Tijuana Flats

Video Surveillance: Needs and Advantages Video Surveillance Solutions helps protect people, places and things. Video surveillance comes in many different forms and types. Let’s review a few and see what could work for you. I am going...

City of Orlando: Soaring through the Cloud
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Rosa Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando

Orlando is one of the most recognized cities in the world. And while most of the recognition comes from our well known attractions, there is much more to Orlando. Ranked as a next-generation city, Orlando is a center for innovation, world-class...