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The Federal Government Turns to IT
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Francisco Salguero, Deputy CIO, USDA

The federal government can be slow to adopt new technologies in comparison to private industries due to several factors that include the length of time it takes to appropriate and approve additional dollars. However, over the past several years we...

The Cloud Strategy at the State
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Jim Purcell, Secretary of Information Technology (acting) / CIO, State of Alabama

Cloud computing as a term was introduced in the late 1990’s and became a viable technology strategy in the late 2000’s. The commercial enterprises were early adopters, along with research institutions of higher education. State...

Data, Analytics, Visualization, and More: What Digital Technologies Do Governments Invest in
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Robin A. Thottungal, Chief Data Scientist/Director, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In your experience, what are the technological trends you’ve witnessed happening? If we look from a technology competency standpoint, the whole idea of digital transformation in an organization, be it in the public sector or any...

End-to-end Cloud Technology Solutions in the Government Space
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Cloud innovations are moving past the exploration stage and are already finding the real-world adoption. Meanwhile, the globalization has accelerated, and a backlash has generated as a result of economic inequalities. Trust in government has...

Enterprise Security Strategies in Today's Threat Environment
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Mike Convertino, VP and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), F5 Networks

Contrary to popular belief, the threats that both companies and we as individuals are facing today are more sophisticated than in the past. In the past, the term “script kiddie” was frequently thrown about and it was for good reason:...

Every Company Needs a Cloud Strategy
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Andrew Pryfogle, SVP, Cloud Transformation, Intelisys Communications

Cloud technology is universally relevant. A recent study by IDC projected $70 billion of growth by the end of 2015, in the public cloud market alone. Furthermore, it estimated that the number of new cloud-based solutions will triple within five...

Government IT - The Data Debate
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Guy Helmer, AVP, DLP Development, Absolute Software

Information security challenges and government IT seem to go hand in hand. Nowhere is there a more regulated space within which IT must work to protect large amounts of sensitive data and guard against security incidents that may put the...

Surveillance Overview- Why Invest in One?
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Jeff Archer, VP-IT, Tijuana Flats

Video Surveillance: Needs and Advantages Video Surveillance Solutions helps protect people, places and things. Video surveillance comes in many different forms and types. Let’s review a few and see what could work for you. I am going...

City of Orlando: Soaring through the Cloud
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Rosa Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando

Orlando is one of the most recognized cities in the world. And while most of the recognition comes from our well known attractions, there is much more to Orlando. Ranked as a next-generation city, Orlando is a center for innovation, world-class...

Keeping Pace with Technology
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Judith Flournoy, CIO, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Recent Evolution of the Application Performance Management (APM) Application Management (AM) largely depends on the procurement of the right technology and its optimum maintenance. With rampant technology evolution and the emergence of several...

Top 10 Technology Trends for 2017
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Scott Fenton, Former CIO, Wind River & Executive Consultant-IT, Scott Fenton Consulting, LLC

This is a new year, so I have a new list of the top technologies trends for 2017. This is a collection of technologies and ideas I feel will see significant growth this year. It’s not scientific, but one derived from readings and...

Disaster Recovery for Government Organizations-Planning, Practice, and People
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

When the State of Maine computer operator drove to work on that cold, crisp morning in January of 1998, he probably did not realize that he would soon be living in the State’s data center, full time. In addition, he probably did not know...

How to Succeed in Enterprise IT for DoD
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John Zangardi, CIO, United States Department of Defense

As the Acting DoD CIO, I am the primary advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Information Management / Information Technology and Information Assurance as well as non-intelligence space systems; critical satellite communications, navigation,...

Reorganizing an Information Technology Department for the Challenges Ahead
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Randy J. Cress, CIO, Rowan County Information Technology

Rowan County Information Technology (IT) is a local county government department in Salisbury, North Carolina with a staff of 12 including the CIO. Our IT department serves 22 unique county departments from Animal Services, Parks & Recreation,...

Perfecting the Idea of Smart City
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Otto Doll, CIO, City of Minneapolis

People want to feel safe, connected, and want their privacy maintained—not only in the physical world, but also in the online space. Along with the rising security concerns, another challenge for the local government, today, is to...

Strategies to Steer Government Bodies in the Age of Data
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Srikanth Karra, CIO, City of Birmingham

Strategies to Steer Government Bodies As the corporate world continues to witness a data proliferation the governments—Federal, States and the Local, are not far behind. City corporations and other municipal bodies directly involved in...

Seven Security Priorities for 2017
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Jeff Harris, VP, Security Solutions, Ixia

The enterprise IT security landscape changed dramatically during 2016. Expansion into more clouds, the addition of industrial IoT, and marked increases in virtual deployments resulted in more devices, more locations, and more environments for...

Strategies to Steer Government Bodies
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Srikanth Karra, CIO, City of Birmingham

As the corporate world continues to witness a data proliferation the governments—Federal, States and the Local, are not far behind. City corporations and other municipal bodies directly involved in public welfare have seen a massive inflow...

The Evolving Role of CIO
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David L. Stevens, CIO, Maricopa County

1) How do you see cloud computing transforming your governance, and how have you embraced it? We have adopted cloud services as a foundation of our strategy as cloud services provide a competitive edge to deliver technology at the speed of...

Opportunities and Challenges of SaaS in the Government Sector
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Gary Gorson, CTO, Lake County

The rapid transformation of software vendor business models to include, and often migrate entirely to, Software as a Service (Saas) has included products specific to the public sector. Along with generic offerings like Microsoft’s Office365,...

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