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Improved Construction Productivity through Veryfi and Sonim Collaboration
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Compared to other industries, the construction industry is larger with thousands of businesses interconnected in the enterprise chain. The companies vary from small businesses to sole traders. Every small construction business is facing complexity...

Outdoor Video Surveillance at the Florida East Coast Railway
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Lester Hightower, VP & CIO, Florida East Coast Railway

As I write this article in October of 2017, outdoor video surveillance seems like something that the Florida East Coast Railway (FECR) could not live without, but the truth is that our first sizable installation went into service only in 2014, and...

Reshaping Transportation Mobility with Simplified Services
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Kirk Serjeantson, CIO, Dicom Transportation Group

The Dicom Transportation Group (DTG) is a North American transportation company offering multiple transportation services across Canada and the US. At DTG, we have made a significant investment in our technology over the past several years in...

GIS: Practical Applications for Public Utilities
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Suzanne M. Zitzman, GISP, GIS Asset Management Services Division Leader, Maser Consulting P.A.

Public infrastructures in many regions across the nation are nearing the 100-year mark. As cities and towns have grown during this time, so have infrastructures that provide critical services to customers. Many of these systems, such as water,...

Dynamic and Agile Environments for Learning
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Brian Fodrey, CIO, Stevenson University

Introduction The value in working with EdTech startups is as powerful as ever given that technology is increasingly becoming more portable and the marketplace competitive. Similar to a successful startup, organizations are constantly striving...

Incentivizing Next Generation Technology
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G Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist, 2016 USA Eisenhower Fellow, US Small Business Administration

The future of next generation technology and innovation lies in the heart of the public sector enabling and willing to let that development come to fruition which is only feasibly executed via the private enterprise. Thus the notion of empowering...

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon
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John C. Martin, CIO, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Wikipedia says: “The “dark side of the Moon” does not refer to “dark” as in the absence of light, but rather “dark” as in unknown .” That is kind of what the public sector was to me before...

Standing up the first State Data Practice at the State of Illinois
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Krishna Vaidyanathan Iyer, Chief Data Scientist, State of Illinois

When Governor Rauner tasked IT leaders in Illinois to embark upon IT Transformation, it quickly became apparent that data sharing would be a critical component. Work began on an Enterprise Memorandum of Understanding (eMoU) that provided the...

Security in the Age of IoT
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Delano Collins, CIO, EDTS, LLC

IoT or the “Internet of Things” refers to the growing trend of network connectivity and shared intelligence between disparate devices. Nowhere is this evident in our practice, than in our automation and video surveillance...

Technology Adding More Dimensions to Business
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Chris Chiancone, CIO, City of Plano

Technology and its services have been thrusted from the one time caboose to the engine that runs most of the world’s business processing. This transformation happened almost overnight and the effects of the change, coupled with the force and...

Keeping Pace with Technology
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Judith Flournoy, CIO, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Recent Evolution of the Application Performance Management (APM) Application Management (AM) largely depends on the procurement of the right technology and its optimum maintenance. With rampant technology evolution and the emergence of several...

Data Science: 3 Lessons Learned From My First Year Working With Data in DC
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David Elges, CIO, DC Government

In this article, I will share with you three lessons that I learned while working at the DC Government that uses data to solve the most complex problems in the District of Columbia impacting the Districts most vulnerable citizens its children....

Government's Role in Enabling Digital Disruption
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Mike Wons, CTO, State of Illinois

Enabling sustainable digital disruption is a challenge for an organization of any size. In government IT, this is even more of a challenge due to the tremendous amount of digital debt that exists in most governments. This includes the local, state...

Embracing Cloud for a Promising Tomorrow
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David Shive, CIO, GSA

1) How do you see cloud computing transforming governance, and how have you embraced it? With proven results in the form of greater ROI, cloud computing is witnessing rampant adoption by both the corporate and government organizations....

Emergency Messaging Solution is Now CAP Compliant
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Mike Kilian, the Director of Business Development, Mvix

STERLING, VA: Mvix, a cloud-based digital signage solution provider recently announced that their emergency messaging solution is now Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Compliant. The newly added feature in the emergency messaging...

How .NET saves lives or peculiarities of building complex emergency solutions
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Artem Goncharov, CEO, Founder, Binary Studio

When choosing a technology stack for a new project lots of criteria should be taken into consideration (scalability, complexity, cost, etc). If a project is of light or medium complexity - the variety of possible technologies and frameworks may be...

SmartProcure: Accelerating Government Procurement Efficiency
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Jeff Rubenstein, Founder and CEO, SmartProcure

Back in 2012, when Jeff Rubenstein volunteered as an auxiliary law enforcement officer, he was helping purchase defibrillators for the police officers in his department. Shortly before finalizing the purchase, he discovered that the city’s...

Performing as a Turnaround CIO Artist, it's not Magic Anymore!
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Peter Ambs, CIO, City of Albuquerque

We used to call them ‘turnaround CIOs’, a moniker assigned to a CIO that was successful in implementing massive transformational change in a short amount of time. Today this is the norm. We must continually assess, align, and transform...

5 Mobile Security Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Business
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Marco Nielsen, VP, Managed Services, Stratix Corporation

With cyber threats on the rise, the question isn’t really if you’ll get hacked—it’s how you’ll respond when it happens. The logistics sector is using mobile to drive new levels of productivity and efficiency...

Transformation Journey in Illinois
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Mike Wons, CTO, State of Illinois

The State of Illinois began an ambitious journey in late 2015 to transform and modernize technology. For decades, the state operated with antiquated systems that lacked reporting and historically functioned in silos, with a lack of...

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