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Hidden Costs of Outsourcing and Offshoring for Financial Services Firms: Third-party Financial Data Licensing
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Kristin Gallagher, Director – Global Sourcing and Procurement in the Financial Services industry, Russell Investments

Before you finalize that outsourcing or offshoring deal, read your third-party data licensing contracts carefully—it could cost you if you don’t. Third-party data providers—think firms like Bloomberg or NYSE that create and...

Testing the Waters-Lessons for Organizations Outsourcing Usability Testing Tools for the First Time
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Percy Dara Hilloo, Head-Testing Practice, Blue Star Infotech

Outsourcing User Acceptance Testing (UAT), the last critical mile to cross before launching a product/software in the market has slowly gained prominence over the years with the maturity of testing and outsourcing itself. While organizations may...

Outsourcing Demands Strategic Flexibility
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Marc J Firenze, CTO, Eagle Investment Systems

Asset managers are looking harder at their business than at any time since the financial crisis took hold some five years ago. There are a host of reasons for this added scrutiny, but before firms make the leap to change something, they want to be...

Outsourcing to Strengthen Resiliency of Critical Financial System
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Jan Pilbauer, CIO, Payments Canada

Society is changing and so are the demands on IT departments and CIOs across various industries. Our clients and users of our systems have higher expectations. This is driven by our experience as consumers. Google is never down, so why should our...

How IT is Transforming the City
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Behzad Zamanian, CIO, City of Huntington Beach

What’s the chief focus CIO’s should concentrate on? The single most important role of a CIO is becoming the strategic business partner with other business units. Being a business partner lets you align your IT mission with the...

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