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3 Ways to Jolt Your IT Department
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Pat Fiorenza, Research Analyst, GovLoop

As an IT executive, you are well aware that technology is moving at a meteoric pace. To meet the demands of your agency, you are constantly working to provide the best tools and services. As emerging technology serves as a means to transform your...

Top 10 Technology Trends for 2017
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Scott Fenton, Former CIO, Wind River & Executive Consultant-IT, Scott Fenton Consulting, LLC

This is a new year, so I have a new list of the top technologies trends for 2017. This is a collection of technologies and ideas I feel will see significant growth this year. It’s not scientific, but one derived from readings and...

Data Science: 3 Lessons Learned From My First Year Working With Data in DC
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David Elges, CIO, DC Government

In this article, I will share with you three lessons that I learned while working at the DC Government that uses data to solve the most complex problems in the District of Columbia impacting the Districts most vulnerable citizens its children....

Opportunities and Challenges of SaaS in the Government Sector
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Gary Gorson, CTO, Lake County

The rapid transformation of software vendor business models to include, and often migrate entirely to, Software as a Service (Saas) has included products specific to the public sector. Along with generic offerings like Microsoft’s Office365,...

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