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The Challenges of Cloud Adoption
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Michael Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita Kansas

Where to start….. when the headlines ask “Does the cloud still make sense when the economy is good?” Bad economic times gave the cloud its initial enterprise push for cost savings, but good times should mean the cloud now...

Artificial Intelligence for water management
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There is nothing more essential than water on earth. It connects every aspect of life. But water crisis has become one of the major crises among the globe now. It is said that only less than one percent of the earth surface water is suitable for...

Big Data Analytics Influencing Small Business Social Media Marketing
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Big data and data analytics have made industries to gravitate towards it. The mark of both can be easily observed in each sector and results obtained by adapting them are gratifying. In the modern day, where business revolves around the customer...

Standing up the first State Data Practice at the State of Illinois
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Krishna Vaidyanathan Iyer, Chief Data Scientist, State of Illinois

When Governor Rauner tasked IT leaders in Illinois to embark upon IT Transformation, it quickly became apparent that data sharing would be a critical component. Work began on an Enterprise Memorandum of Understanding (eMoU) that provided the...

Artificial Intelligence - Algorithms of Change
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Ash Dhupar, Chief Analytics Officer, Publishers Clearing House

There is a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence (AI) and how these algorithms can change the pace of mankind’s next evolution in technology. As always, there are two sides to the story. There are those who are afraid and those...

Artificial Intelligence in Higher-Education
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Christopher Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum across all industries and all spectrums of the world from consumer solutions such as Siri and Alexa leveraging Machine Learning to disruptive technologies such as Uber...

Does the Enterprise Data Warehouse Still Have a Role?
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David Elges, CIO, DC Government

The real value of a decision-making environment is not in the creation of reports or simple multi-dimensional analytics. It is in the use of all forms of data for more sophisticated forms of analysis (diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive...

The Business of IT
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Greg Smiley, CIO, Florida Department of Transportation

A smart CIO runs their organization like a business. After all, it is a business. They have factories to manufacture or procure products. These products can be anything from new systems to supporting operations, or even providing customer service....

Technology Adding More Dimensions to Business
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Chris Chiancone, CIO, City of Plano

Technology and its services have been thrusted from the one time caboose to the engine that runs most of the world’s business processing. This transformation happened almost overnight and the effects of the change, coupled with the force and...

AI: Accelerating Decision-Making
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Nigel Duffy, CTO, Sentient Technologies

The key to victory is to make more appropriate decisions more quickly than one’s opponents. This critical insight, developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd, is embodied in his OODA Loop concept. The principle applies as much to business...

Legal Knowledge Management and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence
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Christopher Zegers, CIO, Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Sue, partner at BigLaw LLP, has made a career of surpassing her clients’ expectations. This is no trivial task. More often than not, Sue’s clients ask her to develop a strategy and budget to solve problems they cannot clearly define....

Jumpstarting Recovery
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Robin A. Barnes, EVP & COO, Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Jumpstarting Recovery As we reflect on the 2017 hurricane season, we need to take the lessons gleaned from past events in places like New Orleans and other resilience-focused geographies, and share them with the disaster-stricken communities...

Leveraging the Power of Diversity
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James Collins, CIO, State of Delaware

Leveraging the Power of Diversity Diversity and inclusion (DI) in the information technology (IT) field is a subject that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years due to insufficient availability of diverse talent to address increasing...

Common Sense?
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Michael Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita

Everyone has a cloud, mobile and big-data first strategy and it sounds extremely impressive. You can’t review email without seeing digital disruption, digital transformation, bimodal IT, waterfall, agile, cybersecurity, the list goes on...

Helping Prevent Child Abuse through Analytics
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David Elges, CIO, DC Government

Federal, state and local agencies together spend about $220 million a day to protect and promote the welfare of US children, prevent child abuse and neglect, and provide support and interventions that promote safety, permanency and well-being...

Engaging Citizens through Technology
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Martin P. Rose, CIO, Pinellas County

As I started my career in the private sector, I had a very different view of the word “customer.” Every business I worked for knew very intimately who their customers were and what they wanted or they did not survive. Customer feedback...

GRID EX III - Physical and Cyber Security on the Electric Utility Grid
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Dawn Roth Lindell, SVP & CIO, Western Area Power Administration

What would happen if our electricity was down for weeks or months due to a coordinated attack on our electric grid? Without electricity, we go without clean water, our food would rot and without gasoline pumps which now use electricity, vehicles...

Run IT in Government as a Business (GaaB)
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Brent Messer, M.Sc. CIO, City of Chattanooga

The idea of running local and state governments like a business is not a new concept. I refer to this concept as Government as a Business (GaaB). The strategic CIO in the public sector has an entrepreneurial mindset that favors running their IT...

Civic Resource Group Gets On Board AWS Partner Network
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LOS ANGELES, CA:  Civic Resource Group becomes an APN Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), a program which provides technical, business, and marketing support and delivers customers a methodical way to identify partners with...

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