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America's Biggest Vulnerability: Ourselves
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Mark Decker, CIO, Jackson County Oregon

Unsuspicious citizens are soft targets for social engineers, and America has a huge attack surface. To enemy hackers, ‘We the People’ represent millions of unprotected end-points. Foreign nations and non-state actors have successfully...

IT- A Game-changer in Cybersecurity
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Tammy Moskites, CIO and CISO, Venafi

Advanced Solutions for Thwarting Sophisticated Cyber Attacks   I think the best way to describe the challenges that need to be met within the cybersecurity industry is to use a health analogy. Just as viruses make humans sick, they too can...

Government IT - The Data Debate
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Guy Helmer, AVP, DLP Development, Absolute Software

Information security challenges and government IT seem to go hand in hand. Nowhere is there a more regulated space within which IT must work to protect large amounts of sensitive data and guard against security incidents that may put the...

Achieving Information Security in Healthcare
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Dan Costantino, CISO, Penn Medicine

Owing to the growing concerns of patient data security, it’s indispensable for the healthcare experts to reassess their information security programs on a continual basis as it matures. It is critical to scrutinize whether you have...

Designing the IT Organization for Service Management
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Michael Reagin, Corporate VP & CIO, Sentara Healthcare

As with many organizations, IT plays an important role in optimizing cost efficiency and enabling ongoing growth. Service Management is an essential philosophy that aligns all facets of technology management and delivery to business strategy....

Seven Security Priorities for 2017
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Jeff Harris, VP, Security Solutions, Ixia

The enterprise IT security landscape changed dramatically during 2016. Expansion into more clouds, the addition of industrial IoT, and marked increases in virtual deployments resulted in more devices, more locations, and more environments for...

Is Technology an Effective Tool to Manage Government Security?
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Joanne Hale, Secretary of Information Technology, State of Alabama

It is a matter of absolute wonder as to how the world around us is evolving in a rapid pace and attaining new heights within a brief span of time. Owing to recent developments in information and learning, governments today seem to incline more...

Traversing the Contours of Technology Evolution to Achieve Goals
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Suma Nallapati, CIO, State of Colorado

1) How do you see cloud computing transforming your governance, and how have you embraced it? It’s definitely transforming governance— from approach to enterprise solutions, to IT security, we have tried to ensure that our...

Developing IT Leadership is Job #1
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Stephen T. Monaghan, CIO, Nevada County, CA

While technology has always been critical to government organizations, now is a particularly crucial time where multiple factors are driving the need for increased IT leadership. The challenge is...

Thin and Zero Clients Along with IGEL are Now Available through SYNNEX GSA Schedule
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FREMONT, CA: IGEL Technology has announced implementation of its portfolio of thin and zero clients and software solutions for the managed workspace into SYNNEX Corporation’s platform of General Services Administration Schedule No....

Majority of Federal Agencies Follow NIST Cyber Security Framework: Dell Report
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FREMONT, CA: The guidance provided by the NIST Cyber Security Framework is taking the federal agencies and industries in a right way in mitigating risks securing their IT infrastructure, says the latest survey report from Dell. It is found that 82...

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