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How to Build Smart Cities with IoT and Big Data?
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Big Data and IoT are building the cities to keep them connected, smart, and convenient. The initial step toward smart cities is to utilize the collected data from diverse platforms and make full use of them. FREMONT, CA: Several have already...

Airlifting the Aerospace Arena with Technology and People
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Willie Krenz, CIO, The Aerospace Corporation

I said for quite a while that Aerospace would be one the last companies to embrace the use of cloud computing due to the security requirements. The benefits, particularly for a company of our size and geographic diversity, have been...

ISR Analytics: Challenges for IT, Implications for Big Data, and Opportunities for IoT
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Ravi Ravichandran, Ph.D., Director, BAE Systems Technology Solutions

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems consist of infrastructure that typically includes platforms and sensors, communications and data links, databases and data management, and visualization and dissemination technology....

Museum Security: The New Model For Corporate Security?
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Randy Marchany, CISO, Virginia Tech

As the CISO of the largest research university in Virginia, I wrote in an earlier blog that EDUs aren’t that different from the corporate world. We have 3 main business processes: Administrative, Academic/Instructional, Research. Our network...

Once Black and White, Now
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Carvent Webb, Law Enforcement Officer, Transportation Security Administration

9/11 changed the dynamics of our country forever. In 2002, the U.S. Congress passed the Homeland Security Act, and like never before our country permanently focused on ensuring the security and safety of the homeland. Seventeen years later, we...

Technology: The Element of Change
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Ron Guerrier, Secretary of Innovation and Technology, State of Illinois

We all learned in school about a phenomenon called inertia in which matter tends to do nothing or remain unchanged unless affected by an external force. Einstein also once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a...

Why CIOs Believe Security Measures are Superior to Security Laws
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Security laws can no longer address the evolving security threats, and therefore processes, tools, and strategies are needed. Fremont, CA: Laws are good starting points when security is concerned. However, these are far behind in addressing IoT...

How Government Services can Transform the Future of Smart Cities
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By leveraging technologies to serve the citizens and enhance many areas of public life, smart cities have started to expand their influence. FREMONT, CA: Smart cities are considered as the future of urban living, using digital technologies,...

Can IoT Sensors Ensure the Safety on One-Way Streets?
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Using edge computing technology can improve traffic safety in real-time as it enables faster decision making. FREMONT, CA: Taking one-way streets makes the travel longer and has the potential for driving with excess speed. To avoid a more...

What Makes 5G a Preferable Network in Smart Cities?
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5G—leading to more intelligent transportation and traffic management will be the future of smart cities. FREMONT, CA:  After a long interval, the spur of 5G network is at its infancy, leading us to a new era of connectivity....

8 Significant Smart City Trends Embraced by the US Government
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Implementing the following smart city trends is improving the lives of citizens, while generating new revenue sources for the economy. FREMONT, CA: As increasing population dwells to cities, there will be a significant rise in demand for...

How Technology is Restoring the Public Sector
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It is essential for the government to get accustomed to the latest technologies to proactively respond to the demands made by the citizens such as digital information services round-the-clock. FREMONT, CA: In the digital world, governments now...

Building a Safer Smart City to Reside
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With the evolution of technologies, smart cities have also become vulnerable to cyber attacks, but the IT managers do not leave any stone unturned to successfully fight back. FREMONT, CA: It goes without saying that smart cities are committed...

Unleashing the Potential of Cloud
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Maria Roat, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration

What according to you are some of the upcoming trends in the Cloud landscape? IT architects have redefined the definition of cloud computing, which is helping the technology grow and add weight to the statement. Initially, security concerns...

Enabling Digital Governments Driven By Citizens and Businesses
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Fuelling digital transformation by encouraging citizen relationship and engagement, or vis-à-vis. FREMONT, CA: In the near future, technologies like mobility and IoT are predicted to form the crux of citizen relationship improvement,...

Enabling Cloud in Government Organizations
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Cloud can help break down data silos, connect stakeholders, drive AI implementation, and connect various stakeholders, thereby enabling potential innovations. FREMONT, CA: Traditionally, cloud computing was cherished for its enablement of cost...

How Technology is Fighting Climate Change
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AI is taking the lead to assist scientists in building a rigid structure that can sense and study from the environmental conditions and help people in meeting definite objectives. FREMONT, CA: From increasingly frequent heat waves to...

Smart City: Stay Connected with Future-Proofing
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Future-proofing is the method of foreseeing the future and developing processes of reducing the effects of stresses and shocks of future events. FREMONT, CA: Sensors today are tasked to do every other work—they identify when a central...

Making Buildings Smarter With AI and Sensor Systems
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If not smart cities, smart buildings are being planned and developed all over the world at present. How AI can be augmented with either conventional buildings or new ones to convert them into smart buildings is discussed. FREMONT, CA: Since...

How has Video Technology Transformed with Time?
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AI, Video and IoT tag along to transform businesses through technology innovation. FREMONT, CA: From conventional analog and closed-circuit cameras to today’s digital and IP video technology, the surveillance industry has seen some core...