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CIMCON Lighting Introduces the NearSky Connect Program for Accelerating Growth of Smart Cities
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CIMCON Lighting, the leading global provider of intelligent lighting and smart city technologies, announced the launch of the NearSky Connect program. With the collaboration of like-minded technology and service providers, the NearSky Connect is...

AI, ML, And Big Data: Approaches to Handle Unsolved Business Obstacles
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AI and its applications are not a new-age discovery to the world of technology; its high-end advantages have made researchers to predict a promising success in their uses. The most integral function of big data and data science is to analyze...

How Big data is shaping smart city
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Big data can be the foundation of making a smart-city. Big data analysis is implemented to get through massive amounts of data to uncover patterns and get insights. Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a vital role in making...

Artificial Intelligence for water management
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There is nothing more essential than water on earth. It connects every aspect of life. But water crisis has become one of the major crises among the globe now. It is said that only less than one percent of the earth surface water is suitable for...

America's Biggest Vulnerability: Ourselves
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Mark Decker, CIO, Jackson County Oregon

Unsuspicious citizens are soft targets for social engineers, and America has a huge attack surface. To enemy hackers, ‘We the People’ represent millions of unprotected end-points. Foreign nations and non-state actors have successfully...

Developing The Tactical Transformation Plans
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Stuart Davis, CIO and Assistant Director, Department of Administrative Services - State of Ohio

After decades of decentralized IT management and spending, the State of Ohio is implementing an IT Optimization strategy to change the way the State does business. The main objective of IT Optimization is to lower the State’s total IT...

Consolidating IT To Run State Agencies
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Carolyn Parnell, CIO, State Of Minnesota

Technology trends like Social Media, Mobility and Cloud that have significant impact on business environment In a consistent effort on the governor’s office, we see to it that the state has a very good presence in social media space. We...

Meeting the Cybersecurity Challenge
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Scott Self, CIO, Tennessee Valley Authority

In an unassuming room anywhere in the world, a shadowy figure faces a computer screen. He isn’t armed with a gun or a bomb, because he doesn’t need one; he is a criminal who does his work with a keyboard and mouse. And if he is able,...

Smart City Cyber Security & Resilience: Architecture and Best Practices
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Erfan Ibrahim, Ph.D., Center Director, Cyber-Physical Systems Security & Resilience, NREL

The concept of a smart city has largely been taking shape in recent years, in part because of the growing challenges of over populated urban areas around the world as well as the emergence of low-cost, high-speed digital technologies that promise...

Building a Collective Defense Along our Digital Frontiers
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Bob Kolasky, Director, National Risk Management Center Department of Homeland Security, National Protection and Programs Directorate

Digital transformation is top of mind for many CIOs, along with security and innovation. All of these areas are highlighted in the 2018 State of the CIO survey results. CIOs are honing in on these key issues for all the right reasons- securing...

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and Resilience, a Shared Responsibility
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Daniel Dobrygowski, Head of Governance and Policy, World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity

Cyber risk is business risk. Global companies have accepted this fact and are learning to deal with it (although some are quicker studies than others). In critical infrastructure, cyber risk is not just business risk, but it is also a...

Getting through the Smart City Adoption
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Dennis Gakunga, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chula Vista

The technological advancements of the past decade have made for a very exciting time. Cities are looking to take advantage of information technology and other tools to better meet the needs of government agencies, increase the efficiency and...

How to Start Building a Smart City: A Government Employee's Perspective
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Shonte' Eldridge, PMP, Deputy Chief of Operations, City of Baltimore

Smart lighting, smart parking, smart transportation and so on. Smart city solutions are growing at a tremendous pace with no end in sight, as its projected that by 2025 the smart cities industry will be a $400 billion market, in 600 cities...

Dealing with Disruption: Lessons from the Mobility Landscape
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Jason JonMichael, Assistant Director - Smart Mobility, City of Austin

As the Assistant Director of Smart Mobility at the Austin Transportation Department, I serve as the City’s primary advisor on new and disruptive mobility solutions. We find ourselves in a unique time – in the midst of a paradigm shift...

Smart City Victory: Meh
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Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City, MO

Twenty-first century infrastructure is in its final stage of development, and Kansas City is committed to joining with other communities and private sector partners to define and implement improvements that will empower twenty-first century...

Data, Analytics, Visualization, and More: What Digital Technologies Do Governments Invest in
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Robin A. Thottungal, Chief Data Scientist/Director, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In your experience, what are the technological trends you’ve witnessed happening? If we look from a technology competency standpoint, the whole idea of digital transformation in an organization, be it in the public sector or any...

How Technology Influences Today's Smart Cities
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Lisa Brown, Senior National Director, Municipal Infrastructure and Smart Cities, Johnson Controls

Cities all over face similar challenges related to crime, outdated city equipment, sustainability and traffic control. For cities struggling to address these issues on a limited budget, the idea of creating a “smart city” seems out of...

Creating a Tech - Enabled Ecosystem
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Brenna Berman, Executive Director, City Tech Collaborative

Government organizations, including cities, have a reputation for being late technology adopters. The standard image of government is a bureaucracy choosing to wait until a solution is fully vetted by other industries before advancing an...

GIS: Practical Applications for Public Utilities
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Suzanne M. Zitzman, GISP, GIS Asset Management Services Division Leader, Maser Consulting P.A.

Public infrastructures in many regions across the nation are nearing the 100-year mark. As cities and towns have grown during this time, so have infrastructures that provide critical services to customers. Many of these systems, such as water,...

GIS - GeoEnabled Decision Making
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Darrell R. Robertson, GeoReadiness IGI&S Enterprise Program Manager, U. S. Navy

Every asset on a United States Navy shore installation has a location, specifically real property such as land, buildings, roads and utilities that are the focus of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) goals for existence and...

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