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Oregon Secretary of State Transforms Technology Systems
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Roland Rivera, CIO, Oregon Secretary of State

The 21st century CIO is a multifaceted professional adept in a full spectrum of skills, including business and finance, technology, human relations, and organizational change. In order to be truly effective, a CIO seeking to make lasting change...

Workplace Culture - Government's Buggy Whip
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Michael DeAngelo, Deputy Director, E-Government Area, Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech)

The Problem Statement In 2004, the Harvard Business Review republished an article by Theodore Levitt titled “Marketing Myopia” where he described the buggy whip industry as an iconic example of not recognizing the need for change...

Meeting the Cybersecurity Challenge
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Scott Self, CIO, Tennessee Valley Authority

In an unassuming room anywhere in the world, a shadowy figure faces a computer screen. He isn’t armed with a gun or a bomb, because he doesn’t need one; he is a criminal who does his work with a keyboard and mouse. And if he is able,...

Eye Spy: Understanding Your Video Surveillance Technology Risks
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Keith Burkhardt, VP, Kraus Anderson Insurance

George Orwell almost had it right: You are being watched. But it’s not just Big Brother that’s watching you. It’s your home security vendor, your employer, monitoring the front lobby, the security webcam at the parking ramp, your...

Video's Inflection Point: It's Time to Jump on the Bandwagon
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Mike Runda, SVP & President, Avaya Client Services

Six lessons learned to help your organization deliver award-winning video customer support Video is fundamentally transforming how people work, play and connect every day. It has become second nature for people in a variety of settings to use...

An Unaddressed Threat to Critical Infrastructure and National Security: Insider Cyber Sabotage
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Dawn Cappelli, VP of Global Security & Chief Information Security Officer, Rockwell Automation [NYSE:ROK]

In the cybersecurity industry we are somewhat fickle—we shift our attention back and forth between insider and external threats based on recent events. In the 90’s and early 2000’s we focused on computer viruses as that was...

HITRUST in a Startup: Benefits Beyond the Obvious
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Alex Baron, CTO and Co-founder, Ovia Health

Building a company is challenging. Building a secure infrastructure is challenging. Complying with government regulations is challenging. Not many attempt to do all three at the same time—but in order to be a HIPAA-compliant startup,...

Augmenting Cybersecurity in Healthcare Industry
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Robert Napoli, CIO, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands

The levels of cybersecurity threats have significantly increased over the past decade posing significant challenges in the healthcare organizations. In order to tackle these security issues, most organizations invest a lot of time and money to...

From IT Service Management to Corporate Service Management
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Graham K Draughon, President, Blackthorn Cyber Security, LLC & Advisory CISO, Onemain Holdings, Inc.

IT Service Management is often equated with Help Desk operations. Certainly, support tickets and break-fix can represent a significant number of incidents. A fully featured IT Service Management solution will support provisioning and...

Continuing the Journey with Newer Technology
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

Like the Federal Government, the State of Maine has embraced a cloud first policy. That does not mean that every application will be cloud based immediately; but it does mean that each IT decision we make will be viewed through that filter of...

The Increasing Value of Cyber Threat Intelligence
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Thomas Gresham, Acting Director, Business Information and Technology, San Diego Unified Port District

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is becoming a critical component in an organization’s overall risk mitigation strategy. In recent years, the use of threat intelligence has gained popularity as the value of threat prediction and proactive...

The Workforce Dilemma
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

The numbers can be sobering:  for some states it is 30 to 50 percent; for the state of Maine, it is 24 percent.  It is the projected number of state IT workers who will be retiring in the next two years. That is...

Mobility: The Major Driver to Impact Strategic Agenda
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Robert E Day, CIO, Coast Guard

Elevating IT’s Relationship with Business A perfect example of where an IT centric strategy has resulted in an overall business transformation is the Coast Guard Centralized Service Desk (CSD). I consolidated nine regional IT system help...

Scalable IT Project Delivery Success Model
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Stephen W. Warren, CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs

In 2009, we took a hard look at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) IT organization, and we saw a lot we didn’t like. Our development and delivery of new IT capabilities was “off.” Projects frequently got off-track and...

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