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How Big Data Aids Governments
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Big data is changing the facets of every type of industry by its strength of accumulating large sets of data. With so many complex issues on the table today, governments of the countries can have a huge impact by using big data. Following are some...

Big Data & AI Driven Healthcare Transformation
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Frank Wang, System VP, IDN Decision Support Analytics, Health First, Inc

The healthcare industry has been facing challenges, specifically in the areas of cost, quality, and accessibility for decades. The problem-focused approaches have created some improvements, but they still leave a multitude of opportunities to...

Healthcare's Best Shot at Doing AI Right: Make it Invisible
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Keith Bigelow, GM of Analytics, GE Healthcare

AI won’t cure cancer. It won’t solve healthcare’s interoperability problem. And it won’t replace your radiologist. That stated, I agree with Curtis Langlotz, MD, PhD of Stanford, who stated at RSNA this year that...

SVP Cloud Technology Partners
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David S. Linthicum, CTO & Founder, Cloud Technology Partners

It’s been more than a month since went live. A couple of big questions remain about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ botched launch of the website. This article could be about the lack of...

Achieving Information Security in Healthcare
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Dan Costantino, CISO, Penn Medicine

Owing to the growing concerns of patient data security, it’s indispensable for the healthcare experts to reassess their information security programs on a continual basis as it matures. It is critical to scrutinize whether you have...

HHS Perspectives on Information Sharing and the Need for Public/Private Partnerships
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Christopher Wlaschin, CISO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The healthcare sector is under attack. Recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks combined with a year-over-year increase in the total number of cyber-attacks against the heath ecosystem underscore the increasing importance and necessity...

Alternative Ways of Approaching Incident Command System
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Jeffrey Potter, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Davenport & Company LLC

In other articles, I have talked about my varied interests and the synergy I draw from them. Like most people, I come up with ideas to solve problems when I am completely involved in something else. I have been a firefighter for over 20...

Designing the IT Organization for Service Management
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Michael Reagin, Corporate VP & CIO, Sentara Healthcare

As with many organizations, IT plays an important role in optimizing cost efficiency and enabling ongoing growth. Service Management is an essential philosophy that aligns all facets of technology management and delivery to business strategy....

Convergence: Big Data + IoT + Artificial Intelligence = Your Time Has Come
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Marian F. Cook, Ex-Chief Strategy Officer, State of Illinois

The combination of Internet of Things (IoT), the big data it creates, and the ability to make sense of it via Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at a tipping point. AI has been in our imagination for at least the last 50 years. Many science...

Creating value while leading change
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Hardik Bhatt, CIO, State of Illinois

From Industrial Revolution, to Internet Revolution, to the current Connected Revolution, every major economic revolution has been shorter, faster and has created more value. For a public sector organization, where costs are concentrated and...

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