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The Defense Industry-A Microcosm of the Burgeoning App Economy
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Terry Hughes, MD & SVP, AppCarousel

Several companies are heeding the call to create apps for niche markets in the military, and with more government agencies allowing funds to go toward the creation and adoption of the apps; it’s only a matter of time before all of...

Temperature-Controlled Intermodal Transportation
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Theodore Prince, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Tiger Cool Express, LLC

The history of the development of the United States is a study in different transportation modes. The original development was waterborne. Initially, road construction was sporadic, and the move inland saw railroads complement rivers and canals....

Technology in the Intermodal World
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Chris Giltz, SVP - Operations, The Evans Network of Companies

For those of you not familiar with intermodal, it is the movement of shipments by more than one mode. In the freight transportation world, that means that while a truck will pick up the freight from the shipper and a truck will deliver the freight...

Four Key Ingredients to Enhancing Citizen Relationship
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Jim Flick, Economic Development Director & Public Information Officer, Deerfield Township

As a public official, I believe there are four key ingredients for enhancing Citizen Relationship: data, transparency, culture and inclusion. Each are important for establishing a trusting healthy relationship between local government and the...

Law Enforcement: Run and Chase with Technology!
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Drones, robots, social media, smartphones, biometrics, GPS, and augmented reality are some technologies that are helping police officers do their work efficiently, thereby also safeguarding their well-being. FREMONT, CA: Envision a robbery in...

Smart Management Leads to Smart Parking!
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Fotis Talantzis, CEO & Co-Founder

The process of reserving or purchasing a parking spot in the city of Athens has now been digitalized. Drivers and residents can access this service at the end of their fingertips and are available in both iOS and Android. FREMONT, CA: A...

Saving Water with Smart Tech, One Drop at A Time!
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Water management and pipeline infrastructure are subjected to degradation and weathering due to the ageing of the systems resulting in wastage of water. Smarter pipeline systems can save not only excess spillage of water but also provide...

Latest Tech-Driven Builders to Restyle Urban Development
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With the advent of innovative technologies, in the future, the look and feel of cities are sure to differ from today's. A new way of living will be driven by the need to enhance the quality of life, financial competitiveness, and...

5 Technological Trends in Public Sector in 2019
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FREMONT, CA: Public sector enterprises are some of the largest producers, consumers, and propagators of information, and that is only going to amplify in 2019. Only high-end technologies can ensure the governance and transparency of data within...

Capture the Truth with Motorola's Si200 Body-Worn Camera
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Motorola Solutions recently announced the launch of the Si200 body worn camera which is the latest addition to the company’s digital evidence ecosystem. The device seamlessly integrates with the company’s software that manages the...

Smart Parking of the Future
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In this new age, standard parking is inefficient, frustrating, and time-consuming. An ingenious parking system is a need for the hour to cope with the rising population and shrinking public parking space. A driver spends an average of 10 to 20...

Progression of GovTech in 2019
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Digitalization has changed the facets of technologies that have been used in the public sector. They are now more improvised, innovative and offering various functionalities to citizens. With so many issues on the table, today governments of...

Outdoor Video Surveillance at the Florida East Coast Railway
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Lester Hightower, VP & CIO, Florida East Coast Railway

As I write this article in October of 2017, outdoor video surveillance seems like something that the Florida East Coast Railway (FECR) could not live without, but the truth is that our first sizable installation went into service only in 2014, and...

Smart Mobility - The New Paradigm in Transportation
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Lev Pinelis, Director Tolling Operations and Innovation,Transurban North America

The surface transportation systems industry is at the dawn of a new era and level of complexity. Since the mid-20thcentury, there have been enormous advances in road infrastructure, and the technology operating on top of these dynamic systems has...

New Beginnings: the Era of Mobile 5G Network
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In just a matter of few years, wireless communication networks have undergone major changes. The wireless mobile generation (G) generally refers to a change in system nature, speed, technology, frequency, data capacity, and latency. Each...

GIS: Practical Applications for Public Utilities
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Suzanne M. Zitzman, GISP, GIS Asset Management Services Division Leader, Maser Consulting P.A.

Public infrastructures in many regions across the nation are nearing the 100-year mark. As cities and towns have grown during this time, so have infrastructures that provide critical services to customers. Many of these systems, such as water,...

Technology in Emergency Management
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Geoffrey C. Bartlett, Director of Emergency Management, Tufts University

In 1971, the Office of Emergency Preparedness—a predecessor to FEMA— tasked one of its scientists to come up with a way for decision-makers spread across the country to collaborate in real-time in response to an emerging crisis. Thus...

Technology, Transactions, and Transformation
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Tarek Tomes, CIO, City of Saint Paul

I recently created my best ever home video. It is a compilation of videos of my youngest son from over the years. It contains short video segments that were edited from longer family videos. These video segments were complimented with incredible...

Evolving Role of the Government
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Michael Cockrill, CIO, State of Washington

On Oct. 21, 2016 a denial of service attack on nearly one hundred thousand pieces of equipment, including webcams, security cameras and other Internet of Things devices, resulted in the temporary inaccessibility of major websites such as...

Engaging Citizens through Technology
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Martin P. Rose, CIO, Pinellas County

As I started my career in the private sector, I had a very different view of the word “customer.” Every business I worked for knew very intimately who their customers were and what they wanted or they did not survive. Customer feedback...