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How Big Data Aids Governments
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Big data is changing the facets of every type of industry by its strength of accumulating large sets of data. With so many complex issues on the table today, governments of the countries can have a huge impact by using big data. Following are some...

Getting through the Smart City Adoption
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Dennis Gakunga, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chula Vista

The technological advancements of the past decade have made for a very exciting time. Cities are looking to take advantage of information technology and other tools to better meet the needs of government agencies, increase the efficiency and...

The Evolving Role of Environment, Health and Safety and Sustainability
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Thomas Day, Chief Sustainability Officer, United States Postal Service

Environment, Health and Safety, Sustainability (EHS&S), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)–terms that may describe organizational structure, as well as organizational strategic approach. Depending upon the organization, the terms may...

Building an IT Workforce - Finding talent in all the Right Places
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

I was at a meeting recently where … CIOs from several Maine companies said cyber security is the greatest risk they face. I was at a meeting recently where … CIOs from several Maine companies said they cannot find or keep mid...

Governments Leveraging Data to Save Lives: How Effective Use of Big Data is Making an Impact
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James Collins, CIO, State of Delaware

Get two or more CIOs together and inevitably the topic will turn to “big data.” It’s a term that has made its way beyond the tech space into the vernacular, and we hear it all the time. But what is big data, really, and do all...

The Risk Game in Cloud-based Services
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Jim Hall, CIO, Ramsey County (Minn.)

Before I came to local government, I worked in higher education for seventeen years. Now as CIO at Ramsey County (Minn.) I apply the lessons I learned in academia to our work in government. One thing you need to know about higher education is...

Transformation Journey in Illinois
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Mike Wons, CTO, State of Illinois

The State of Illinois began an ambitious journey in late 2015 to transform and modernize technology. For decades, the state operated with antiquated systems that lacked reporting and historically functioned in silos, with a lack of...

Our Biggest Problem
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Laura Fucci, CIO, City of Henderson

What is the biggest problem you face today as a CIO? For me, it is a toss-up between cybersecurity and workforce shortage, but I would need to side with workforce shortage, especially since it impacts cybersecurity. The workforce statistics from...

Connectivity Issue Solved for Arkansas
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Mark Myers, CTO & Director, State of Arkansas

A common theme exists in rural communities across the nation; a lack of access to high-speed Internet service. Broadband has become an essential element in the education, economic development and job creation landscape. In July 2015, President...

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