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Using Big Data as the Foundation for Success
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Kathy Cutler, CIO, DLA

In DLA, big data could really be called giant data. We have a non-stop stream of supply chain data, acquisition data, personnel data, information management data and financial data. There’s more data than we know what to do with –...

Challenges and Opportunities in Big data Analysis
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Researchers and vendors in the APAC region have recognized a number of benefits in adopting big data analytics into business practices. Survey reports portray that big data investments in the automotive industry will account for more than $3.3...

Does the Enterprise Data Warehouse Still Have a Role?
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David Elges, CIO, DC Government

The real value of a decision-making environment is not in the creation of reports or simple multi-dimensional analytics. It is in the use of all forms of data for more sophisticated forms of analysis (diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive...

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