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How We Improved Citizen Outreach With Social Media
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Stephanie Smith, Public Information Officer, Town of Morrisville

The rise in popularity of social media as a way for consumers to receive news has forced change in practice on a government level. Where social media was once just a place where followers could be entertained with jokes or memes, it is now also a...

Four Key Ingredients to Enhancing Citizen Relationship
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Jim Flick, Economic Development Director & Public Information Officer, Deerfield Township

As a public official, I believe there are four key ingredients for enhancing Citizen Relationship: data, transparency, culture and inclusion. Each are important for establishing a trusting healthy relationship between local government and the...

Strategies for Local Government Engagement in the Digital Age
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Darryl Polk, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Rancho Cucamonga

When I started my career, community engagement was a contact sport. Most interactions were in- for information or called the City operator to report issues. What we lacked in volume we made up in individual attention and the ability to connect in...

A Data-Powered Flywheel For Better Citizen Relationships
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Greg Smiley, CIO, Office of Information Technology, Florida Department of Transportation

Government organizations are reimagining how they interact and engage with their citizens. After all, delivering services to citizens is a core function for most of them and the basis for determining how well they are performing. With growing...

Enabling Digital Governments Driven By Citizens and Businesses
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Fuelling digital transformation by encouraging citizen relationship and engagement, or vis-à-vis. FREMONT, CA: In the near future, technologies like mobility and IoT are predicted to form the crux of citizen relationship improvement,...

City of Albuquerque Technology and Innovation Roadmap Journey
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Peter Ambs, CIO, City of Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque has been named a Center for Digital Government top ten Digital City for the last two years running, 2013 and 2014.  How we got here has been no accident and this is the story of how we have moved from a ‘worst to...

icitizen: Fostering Civic Engagement
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Joel Lee, CEO

Provider of an online polling and civic engagement tool that facilitates open communication and collaboration between citizens and their elected leaders to shape new policies