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These Five Innovations are Changing How you will Secure your Digital Operations
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Andrew Kling, Director of Cybersecurity and Software Practices, Process Automation Business, Schneider Electric

Today, there is more technology-driven possibility at our fingertips than ever before. Within the manufacturing industry, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and digital tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality are being...

New Beginnings: the Era of Mobile 5G Network
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In just a matter of few years, wireless communication networks have undergone major changes. The wireless mobile generation (G) generally refers to a change in system nature, speed, technology, frequency, data capacity, and latency. Each...

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Which Comes First?
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Nancy Valente, VP Enterprise Business Continuity, Freedom Mortgage

We have all heard the statistics – such as “93 percent of companies that lost their data center for ten or more days due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster”, and 60 percent of companies that lose...

Government IT - The Data Debate
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Guy Helmer, AVP, DLP Development, Absolute Software

Information security challenges and government IT seem to go hand in hand. Nowhere is there a more regulated space within which IT must work to protect large amounts of sensitive data and guard against security incidents that may put the...

Worldwide DDoS Regulations
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Carl Herberger, VP, Radware

2013 has distinguished itself as the most active year for cyber attacks ever. Throughout the world, nearly daily news reports have been filed detailing the results of incredibly effective cyber attacks ranging from small companies to...

Business Success Requires Artificial Intelligence
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Greg Smiley, CIO, Florida Department of Transportation

As consumers, we experience the benefits of artificial intelligence in our lives as it seamlessly integrates into our daily activities. We are aware of the potential for this technology to transform our organizations in a similar fashion, but...

Video's Inflection Point: It's Time to Jump on the Bandwagon
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Mike Runda, SVP & President, Avaya Client Services

Six lessons learned to help your organization deliver award-winning video customer support Video is fundamentally transforming how people work, play and connect every day. It has become second nature for people in a variety of settings to use...

Video Surveillance Technology for a Safer Environment
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Paul Hopingardner, Deputy CIO, City of Austin

The use of video surveillance continues to increase; however, there are advances in technology which make it possible to provide integrated solutions that make it more effective. The use of analytics allows operators to monitor more cameras than...

Reorganizing an Information Technology Department for the Challenges Ahead
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Randy J. Cress, CIO, Rowan County Information Technology

Rowan County Information Technology (IT) is a local county government department in Salisbury, North Carolina with a staff of 12 including the CIO. Our IT department serves 22 unique county departments from Animal Services, Parks & Recreation,...

Opportunities and Challenges of SaaS in the Government Sector
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Gary Gorson, CTO, Lake County

The rapid transformation of software vendor business models to include, and often migrate entirely to, Software as a Service (Saas) has included products specific to the public sector. Along with generic offerings like Microsoft’s Office365,...

Run IT in Government as a Business (GaaB)
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Brent Messer, M.Sc. CIO, City of Chattanooga

The idea of running local and state governments like a business is not a new concept. I refer to this concept as Government as a Business (GaaB). The strategic CIO in the public sector has an entrepreneurial mindset that favors running their IT...

Connectivity Issue Solved for Arkansas
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Mark Myers, CTO & Director, State of Arkansas

A common theme exists in rural communities across the nation; a lack of access to high-speed Internet service. Broadband has become an essential element in the education, economic development and job creation landscape. In July 2015, President...

Technology and Effective Communication Power Strategic Development
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David Cagigal, CIO, Wisconsin Department of Administration

There’s a misperception that an organization’s CIO who, through the strength of his or her personal vision or enlightenment somehow drags enterprise colleagues to the place where they need to be, then everything works beautifully. I...

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