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GIS: Practical Applications for Public Utilities
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Suzanne M. Zitzman, GISP, GIS Asset Management Services Division Leader, Maser Consulting P.A.

Public infrastructures in many regions across the nation are nearing the 100-year mark. As cities and towns have grown during this time, so have infrastructures that provide critical services to customers. Many of these systems, such as water,...

GIS - GeoEnabled Decision Making
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Darrell R. Robertson, GeoReadiness IGI&S Enterprise Program Manager, U. S. Navy

Every asset on a United States Navy shore installation has a location, specifically real property such as land, buildings, roads and utilities that are the focus of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) goals for existence and...

Combating Cybersecurity Challenges
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Ram Murthy, CIO, US Railroad Retirement Board

With ever increasing information security and privacy risks, we must make our systems and processes more robust. Several federal agencies and well-established institutions have legacy systems built using an architecture that was deemed vigorous 40...

Riverside County IT Consolidation
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Steve Reneker, CIO, County of Riverside

With the great recession hit government over the past decade, many cities and counties have recovered, yet due to recently implemented pension reforms, many will not recover for the next 3-5 years. Up until this economic collapse, government was...

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