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Biometrics to Drive Security Checks and Workflow
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Security checks are a daunting hassle for the organization all around the world. Government and private both strive to build a security process which is capable to provide a safe city experience and at the same time is agile and accurate....

Using Big Data as the Foundation for Success
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Kathy Cutler, CIO, DLA

In DLA, big data could really be called giant data. We have a non-stop stream of supply chain data, acquisition data, personnel data, information management data and financial data. There’s more data than we know what to do with –...

For Government to be Truly Data-Centric, Embrace DataOps
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Tyler Kleykamp, Chief Data Officer, State of Connecticut

For a few years now, local, state, and federal governments have been embracing agile software development and integrating DevOps into their work. These concepts have grown in popularity as various levels of government have sought to replace legacy...

The Challenges of Cloud Adoption
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Michael Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita Kansas

Where to start….. when the headlines ask “Does the cloud still make sense when the economy is good?” Bad economic times gave the cloud its initial enterprise push for cost savings, but good times should mean the cloud now...

Cloud's Role in Your Digital Journey
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Thomas Beck, Principal, Deloitte

As CIOs and State IT leaders, you are well aware that digital transformation in state government is inevitable. As your organization evolves and transforms, cloud should be one of the critical components you take with you on that journey. In fact,...

Challenges and Opportunities that Smart Cities Present
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Becoming a smart city brings both challenges and opportunities. Many smart cities have benefited from programs like smart utility system, smart lighting, and intelligent transport systems. When this transformation happens, the youngsters are bound...

Resilient Oakland Launches Civic Design Lab to Embed Systems Thinking & Agile Government
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Kiran Jain, Chief Resilience Officer, Deputy City Administrator, City of Oakland

Cities around the world are turning to best practices from the technology sector to help address changing needs. “Innovation labs” or “incubators,” or simply a collaborative space for City and community members to focus on...

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and Resilience, a Shared Responsibility
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Daniel Dobrygowski, Head of Governance and Policy, World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity

Cyber risk is business risk. Global companies have accepted this fact and are learning to deal with it (although some are quicker studies than others). In critical infrastructure, cyber risk is not just business risk, but it is also a...

Disaster Recovery - Insider Confessions
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Ed Toner, CIO, State of Nebraska

Over the past 20-plus years, one thing every executive has in common is the desire to share their biggest IT nightmares and deepest secrets during an evening dinner conversation. I have heard tales of tapes being backed up religiously, only to...

Strategizing the Best Disaster Recovery Plans
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Daniel Couture, CIO, UNICEF

As the frequency of humanitarian disasters remains high globally, response and recovery strategies are increasingly turning to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-enabled solutions for enhanced effectiveness, often as a matter of life...

Dynamic and Agile Environments for Learning
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Brian Fodrey, CIO, Stevenson University

Introduction The value in working with EdTech startups is as powerful as ever given that technology is increasingly becoming more portable and the marketplace competitive. Similar to a successful startup, organizations are constantly striving...

Incentivizing Next Generation Technology
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G Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist, 2016 USA Eisenhower Fellow, US Small Business Administration

The future of next generation technology and innovation lies in the heart of the public sector enabling and willing to let that development come to fruition which is only feasibly executed via the private enterprise. Thus the notion of empowering...

Civic Innovation is an Important Aspect That Must be Focused On
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Adel Ebeid, CIO, City of Philadelphia

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations Introducing mobility into our existing infrastructure in a structure fashion so we can, long term, manage the diverse pool of city-owned and personal devices in a...

Reigning the Cloud in a High-Velocity Digital World
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Srikanth Karra, CIO, Jefferson County Commission

A closer look at today’s fast-paced digital world reveals that businesses are striving hard to keep pace with the technology advances, swiftly execute their strategy without sacrificing quality, customer experience, or security. As...

3 Ways to Jolt Your IT Department
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Pat Fiorenza, Research Analyst, GovLoop

As an IT executive, you are well aware that technology is moving at a meteoric pace. To meet the demands of your agency, you are constantly working to provide the best tools and services. As emerging technology serves as a means to transform your...

Improving Government Services
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Bill Portelli, CEO & Chairman, Collabnet

For government agencies, providing improved public service increasingly centers on the use of technology and software. Today’s citizens increasingly expect the same type of ease-of-use, access and automation via web, mobile, and cloud-based...

Build a Cyber Security Ecosystem to Reduce Risk in the Public Sector
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Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

High profile security breaches continue to lead the news each week. Atlanta was the latest municipality to report a high impact security event with the loss of core city services for an extended period. Baltimore’s 911 system was impacted by...

Technology Adding More Dimensions to Business
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Chris Chiancone, CIO, City of Plano

Technology and its services have been thrusted from the one time caboose to the engine that runs most of the world’s business processing. This transformation happened almost overnight and the effects of the change, coupled with the force and...

The Transformation of Public Sector IT
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Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

Public sector IT is undergoing a major transformation away from the traditional model of delivering no-frill services on legacy technologies. While private sector technology is focused on driving profits and competitive advantages, the public...

The Next-Gen Government CIO and the shift from Doer to Maker. Disrupt thyself!
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Peter Ambs, CIO, City of Albuquerque

Government CIOs must hit the reset button and make the shift to leading the business of government. Now more than ever, we need to be ‘out front’ by offering innovative ways to make government services more agile and frictionless....

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