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Enabling Cloud in Government Organizations
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Cloud can help break down data silos, connect stakeholders, drive AI implementation, and connect various stakeholders, thereby enabling potential innovations. FREMONT, CA: Traditionally, cloud computing was cherished for its enablement of cost...

Understanding Agile
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Tim Rolston, Deputy Director of IT Infrastructure, Pima County

What is Scaled Agile? SAFe is a framework developed by Scaled Agile, Inc. to scale up classic Agile methodology from the team or small group level to the enterprise level. If you’re not familiar with it, Agile is a project management...

Innovation isn't Easy
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Rowan Dollar, CIO, Information and Technology, Department of Primary Industry and Services, Northern Territory Government

Those of us who have enjoyed leaping out of perfectly good aircraft at very great heights are seen as a breed apart by those for whom daily life is enough without the extra rush of adrenalin to get things going. As the signs at many airports state...

The Enterprise Perspective: Development, Modernization, and Enhancement
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Brian Skapura, CIO, INCATech

It is an exciting time to be a CIO. Organizations are under pressure to modernize their technology stack including; databases, websites and the underlying architecture. This pressure is coming from users, stakeholders, management, internal and...

Succeeding with Open Source in the Municipal Government Enterprise
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Varghese Abraham, Director - Project Management Office, New York City Department of Transportation

Everyone wants to hop on the bandwagon of Open Source application development for the most obvious reason, eliminating commercial software licensing costs. However, an organization’s decision-makers need to consider a much more...

Improving Government Services
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Bill Portelli, CEO & Chairman, Collabnet

For government agencies, providing improved public service increasingly centers on the use of technology and software. Today’s citizens increasingly expect the same type of ease-of-use, access and automation via web, mobile, and cloud-based...

SVP Cloud Technology Partners
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David S. Linthicum, CTO & Founder, Cloud Technology Partners

It’s been more than a month since went live. A couple of big questions remain about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ botched launch of the website. This article could be about the lack of...

IT Governance in a Government Environment
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Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine

Smart phone access to services, drones, body cameras, sensors, intelligent CRM offerings, cloud solutions, voice response systems–citizen expectations of government services today are high. Citizens, the customers of government, expect a...

Strategies for Public Sector Transformation to Digital Services
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Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego

The public sector has traditionally lagged behind the private sector in delivering innovation and the latest digital services to its constituents. Some of the barriers include limited budgets, a culture that is hesitant to take risks, and a...

Leading the Digital Business Culture
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Chad Sheridan, CIO, USDA

Digital Business arises from the combination of four major forces—cloud, mobile, social, and data—along with the rapid expansion of internet-connected devices. Digital business allows us to create new opportunities that blur the lines...

Leverage the Wealth of Federal Data
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Steve Vanroekel, CIO, Office of Management and Budget

Shift in Federal IT CIO’s are driving government functions process transformation efforts—while tuning and elevating IT’s relationship with the business. Here are three areas we have focused on: Agile Mindset–Rather...

Scalable IT Project Delivery Success Model
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Stephen W. Warren, CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs

In 2009, we took a hard look at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) IT organization, and we saw a lot we didn’t like. Our development and delivery of new IT capabilities was “off.” Projects frequently got off-track and...

Epigen Technology Corp.: A Helpful Change Agent for Government Agencies
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Rashad Howard, CRO, Terry Rice, CEO, Danna Nemeth, Senior Solution Architect and Michael Diaz, Chief Architect

IXUP enables organizations to remain in control of their own data. It eliminates the need for organizations to share their data with limited control over integrity and privacy. Modern companies can also bid goodbye to third-party data...

Apptio: Government Agencies around the World Working with Apptio to Fuel Digital Transformation
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Sunny Gupta, CEO

Apptio software helps technology and finance leaders make smart decisions as they plan, analyse and optimise technology investments in digital transformation