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A Look at Effective Cybersecurity Solutions
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David Cagigal, CIO and Bill Nash, CISO, State of Wisconsin

One of the key challenges and apparent contradictions of effective cybersecurity solutions is that while cyber attacks often can target specific vulnerabilities existing within a singular organization, we need a comprehensive connection of...

Seagate Opens New Business to Serve Government's Storage and Data Management Needs
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FREMONT, CA: To assist the growing storage demands of the government agencies, Seagate Technology has come up with a new US-based business unit that focus on federal government’s Big Data, high performance computing (HPC) and security...

Lenel: Supporting Governance by Securing Access
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Ryan Kaltenbaugh, VP, Federal Government Solutions

A provider of software and turnkey security systems for corporate and government sectors

Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global): The Stalwarts of Hardened - Intelligent Video Management Systems (VMS)
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Rick Gross, CEO

Provide innovative, hardened and intelligent Video Management Solutions (VMS) for securing some of the world’s most critical assets

SureID: Military Security Provider Goes Mainstream
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Justin Oberman, VP of Identity Strategy

Delivers high-assurance identity management programs and services to create secure environments for military, government, nonprofit, and commercial organizations

Zettaset: Advanced Big Data Encryption, Plus Protection Against Data Tampering
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Jim Vogt, President & CEO

A provider of enterprise-class encryption solutions which are compatible with Hadoop, NoSQL, and Relational database environments

SUREID: The Identity Vanguard
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Steve Larson, Chairman & CEO Jim Robell, President & COO Abrar Ahmed, CIO & SVPTechnical Services

A provider of high-assurance identity management programs and services that create secure environments for military, government, nonprofit, and commercial organizations...