Why is E-Governance Important?

Why is E-Governance Important?

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, September 13, 2021

Why is E-Governance Important?E-governance enhances transparency, efficiency, accountability, and citizen participation.

FREMONT, CA: E-governance, which expands to electronic governance, is the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all the operations, intending to improve government potential to address the requirements of the general public. The use of e-governance is to simplify processes. It is the usage of electronic means to promote good governance. It connotes the deployment of information technology in government operations and functions to cause simple, accountable moral, and transparent governance. It entails the access and delivery of government services, disseminating data, and communication rapidly and efficiently.

Top 10 e-Governance Solution Companies - 2019Information management is collecting and storing, at one place, the information relating to the Government and Governing operation. It is the systematic arrangement of information. If the Government's information is collected in one place without any arrangement or management, it will prove complex for the users to find the needed information. Managing information is a vital aspect of E-governance. Access management involves authentication of the user's identity and offering access to the Government and public information available online. Access management is needed to offer secure access to information to the public. Securing public information available online is essential due to recent online piracy and attack.

The essence of e-governance is to reach the people and ensure that the services intended to reach the desired individual have been met with. There should be an auto-response to help the essence of e-governance, whereby the Government realizes its governance efficiency. E-governance is by the citizen, for the citizen, and of the governed. Establishing the identity of the beneficiary is a hurdle in all citizen-centric services. Statistical data published by governments and world bodies do not always unearth the facts.

The best form of e-governance cuts down on unneeded interference of many layers while offering governmental services. It relies on good infrastructural setup with local operations and parameters for governments to reach citizens or end beneficiaries. Budget for planning, development can be achieved from well laid out e-governance systems.

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