Why Cybersecurity is Significant for the Government?

Why Cybersecurity is Significant for the Government?

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 04, 2022

In Europe, apart from standardization, cyber resilience can serve as a significant factor that can improve the development of lightweight and user-friendly cybersecurity guides.

FREMONT, CA Although cybersecurity is a make-or-break challenge in today’s digital world, it is significant to create cyber resilience is crucial, as implementing the existing cybersecurity standards are seriously deficient. It is because of the fragmented cybersecurity certifications in Europe, which leaves behind no proper, no well-known, and universally accepted certificates having a high level of adoption.

When it comes to the government, there are a few challenges of standards-adoption, which are affordability, adaptation, awareness, and access to standardization organizations. In simpler words, the government agencies need standards that can be more accessible and affordable by them. Additionally, they also require smooth adaptation and proper awareness of their existence.

Besides, the EU Cybersecurity Act (CSA) is being implemented to eliminate the disintegration by introducing a harmonized structure for cybersecurity certification. For public sector enterprises, CSA provides concrete recommendations to ensure that they adopt, as well as benefit from the new cybersecurity certification system.

The CSA implements a skeleton for certification schemes rather than the schemes themselves. The introduction and development of the systems can be a complicated process and also carries the threat of generating schemes that can be difficult to implement. It is best if the schemes can be developed concerning the existing, as well as the future cybersecurity standards, taken from the official documents by European and international standardization organizations. Cybersecurity standards are accepted as the base layer of any trusted certification scheme, so they need to be easy access, which can be understood and implemented, particularly for agencies having low technical literacy levels.

The voluntary certification schemes have the potential to significantly elevate cybersecurity throughout Europe, once a higher speed of adoption is gained. CSA is considered as a tipping-point as it was able to allow every consumer, along with less technical competences, to make safer decisions, relying on the trusted certificates. It will encourage different disruptive new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and quantum computing to shift their entire supply chain and other vulnerabilities to the digital space.

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