Ubicquia takeover Smart City Platform CityIQ to Scale Streetlight...

Ubicquia takeover Smart City Platform CityIQ to Scale Streetlight Technology

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, July 06, 2020

Fremont, CA: Ubicquia, a Florida-based company that makes sensors and software for light poles, acquired competitor firm CityIQ and all its assets, including technology related patents and contracts, to improve its offerings for traffic optimization and public safety. All CityIQ development, sales, and customer success team members across Montreal and Cleveland will be fully integrated into Ubicquia’s organization, in conjunction with the purchase.

Incorporated in 2014, Ubicquia, a Fort Lauderdale-based company, specialized in the making of both hardware and software, including sensors that plug into streetlights and back-end software-as-a-service to analyze data from them.

“CityIQ is an ideal fit with Ubicquia’s portfolio of streetlight, smart city, and small cell solutions, including our UbicellTM, UbihubTM, and UbimetroTM,” stated Ubicquia CEO, Ian Aaron. “Also, the CityIQ team brings deep relationships with key smart city stakeholders and public sector thought leadership on how CityIQ and AI technology can align with a city’s Open Data and Privacy policies. I am looking forward to integrating our teams, expanding CityIQ capabilities, and making Smart City AI scalable and affordable for cities of all sizes.”

Top 10 Smart City Solution Companies - 2019“CityIQ has rich applications and management software for being able to not only impact all the different sensors, whether it’s video, audio or environmental, but also be able to turn that into very rich APIs that third parties can take advantage of — whether it’s the city’s open data group or a third party that wants to access traffic data to improve signals and traffic flow,” Aaron said. “Most of this stuff has been focused on large cities. We’re making this technology, software, and operating expense affordable for cities of all sizes.”

CityIQ has been a leading smart city digital infrastructure solution for traffic optimization and public safety for cities across the U.S, for five consequent years. The CityIQ edge AI platform captures and examines the street-level video and audio data to solve daily challenges facing cities including reducing traffic times and queue lengths, improving bicycle lane utilization and safety, reducing crime and supporting public health initiatives.

 Ubicquia and CityIQ combined teams bring more than 400 years of experience from companies, including Motorola, GE, Cisco, and Philips, developing innovative and world-class products for the mobile, utility, municipal, and public safety sectors.

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