SOMA Global Partners With Carbyne to Bring Fully Cloud-native...

SOMA Global Partners With Carbyne to Bring Fully Cloud-native Call-handling and Dispatching Solutions to Public Safety

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 13, 2019

NEW YORK: SOMA Global, an innovator in cloud-based dispatch software, announced that it is partnering with Carbyne, a global leader in public safety, to build a fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and call handling platform entirely in the cloud.

The increased flexibility and efficiency provided by this cloud-native solution is crucial to dispatch and emergency call handling, where every second counts. The integrated solution allows a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to be established anywhere where there is a secure, high-speed internet connection. Public locations like libraries, municipal buildings or schools can become fully functioning PSAPs in seconds: Call-takers and dispatchers simply need to log in to the platform to be back online.

The SOMA Global partnership with Carbyne expands upon Carbyne's strategy of partnering with cloud-based technology innovators. Carbyne's industry leading NG911 platform is powered by Cisco technology, making it both powerful and adaptable for advanced partner capabilities.

The partnership also opens a great deal of opportunity for improved public safety response. The cloud-native approach taken by these two technology leaders drives enhanced resiliency through an array of diverse routing paths, easier integration with advanced applications, and a cost-effective approach to call handling and dispatch due to the elimination of on-premise servers.

Carbyne, a provider of call handling solutions is proven to be highly effective in a number of global deployments, delivers rich, accurate, insightful data from any connected device to PSAPs, providing call-takers with industry-leading location, live video streaming from smartphones, municipal cameras and drones, voice failover and chat to 911 capabilities. Carbyne's platforms process millions of emergency calls each day for clients around the world.

"There is a great deal of untapped potential in public safety at this time," said Peter Quintas, CEO & Co-Founder of SOMA Global. "The technologies being used in most Emergency Communications Centers are 20+ years old, the enterprise space and the federal government have moved on to more efficient, more flexible and more effective technologies, it is time for public safety to take a huge leap forward. Working together with Carbyne, we see enormous opportunity to provide best-of-breed solutions for public safety."

"We are excited to be working with SOMA Global to help enrich the future of technology in emergency services," said Amir Elichai, CEO & Founder of Carbyne. "At Carbyne we are laser-focused on delivering the best solutions with the best technology partners in the marketplace, partners such as Cisco and AWS. SOMA Global fits that mold perfectly, they are taking an innovative and inspired approach to emergency response technology. Our combined solutions will be a huge leap forward for public safety."

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