Smartvue Rides on Microsoft Azure to Serve the U.S. Government

Smartvue Rides on Microsoft Azure to Serve the U.S. Government

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

NASHVILLE, TN: Smartvue, a provider of global cloud visual intelligence (VI) can now officially use Azure Government – a part of Microsoft Cloud for Government.

Smartvue can use it for military and government video surveillance solutions thereby giving the U.S. government organizations, a cloud surveillance solution that tracks sensitive as well as government contracts, wholly owned and operated by the U.S. companies.

With Smartvue’s use of Azure Government and cloud, the security implementation, scalability, and utilization of IT for video surveillance has increased rapidly. The company offers government-grade surveillance solutions that enable government agencies to run a consistent video surveillance platform with the flexibility and capacity to scale up or down, on-demand, with more secure local, cloud or hybrid data storage solutions.

Smartvue’s government-grade cloud surveillance solutions use Azure Government to physically segregate sensitive government data storage and computer power from other cloud servers, while restricting access to data to screened U.S. citizens. All customer data, content, organizational data, hardware, networking, physical infrastructure and supporting personnel are based in the continental United States.

 “Smartvue is committed to provide elegantly simple cloud video surveillance offerings and meet the specific security demands of government agencies. For over a decade, we have been expanding the capabilities of visual intelligence and video surveillance by using the cloud at each step in the value chain and Azure Government gives us even greater capabilities to better serve government agencies,” says Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO, Smartvue Corporation.

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