SIGFOX Brings New Technological Innovation in the City of San...

SIGFOX Brings New Technological Innovation in the City of San Francisco with Internet of Things Connectivity

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: To attract startups and established companies, strengthen existing businesses and boost overall economic growth in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) space, the city of San Francisco partners with SIGFOX, a telecommunications company. As part of the collaboration, SIGFOX will provide low-cost, energy-efficient and two-way connectivity for smart-city programs, as well as businesses in multiple verticals.

The government of San Francisco views the development of IoT as a right step towards broader vision of creating a hyper-connected city. The vision to see better connected San Francisco started back in 2013 San Francisco with the provision of free municipal wireless service. Implementation of IoT technology will allow the City to offer residents innovative new services and position San Francisco as the leading smart city in the U.S.

In a fast evolving world, IoT has played a key role in connecting physical objects and allowing them to communicate, analyze, and share their data through sensors, network connectivity and cloud software, making tasks of humans easier and faster.

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To execute the plan of connected San Francisco, various departments of the Government including the Department of Technology, the Mayor’s Office of Innovation, the San Francisco Public Library, and other critical leadership will collaborate. While SIGFOX will be allotted property for installation of antennas to provide network access to the city, the Department of Technology will actually perform the task of installing.

In the coming days, SIGFOX and the City of San Francisco will jointly sponsor a hackathon, to allow developers and makers to use the technology and generate new ideas for how SIGFOX’s network can be used to create innovative smart-city solutions.

“The Internet of Things can bring new opportunities to San Francisco—the Innovation Capital of the World. Creating a network of this kind, the City will be able to attract new startup companies, strengthen existing businesses and provide more jobs, economic growth and continuing prosperity for our residents. I’m excited that the Internet of Things network will help the City deliver more efficient services for residents and opportunities for innovation for entrepreneurs,” says Ed Lee, Mayor, San Francisco.

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