Seagate Opens New Business to Serve Government's Storage and Data...

Seagate Opens New Business to Serve Government's Storage and Data Management Needs

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: To assist the growing storage demands of the government agencies, Seagate Technology has come up with a new US-based business unit that focus on federal government’s Big Data, high performance computing (HPC) and security needs.

Seagate’s new venture, Seagate Government Solutions, will be focused on serving the government’s IT needs pertaining to data management and security. The new group looks forward to bring its high tech storage solution engineered for High Performance Computing delivering security, performance, complexity reduction and risk mitigation.

Seagate Government Solutions is built with Seagate’s ClusterStor SDA (secure data appliance), an open source high performance parallel file system used for scale-out computing that tightly integrates performance and capacity optimized solution and it removes complexity in deploying and managing environments. It increases data security at massive scale and reduces external and internal threats and drives down the deployment complexity and expenses.

Delivering superior converged scale-out storage quality and performance efficiency, the ClusterStor solution helps HPC and Big Data customers reliably plan, deploy and sustain maximum optimal application performance. The integrated storage solution provides the high productivity computing delivering efficiency, reliability, availability and serviceability.

Meeting standard intelligence directive policies, ClusterStor SDA benefits thousands of clients to connect to a single-server storage environment, disabling unauthorized access while reducing costs for purchasing and maintaining storage. It helps in implementing Mandatory Access Control, explicit audit logging as well as tracking and encryption and support capabilities to enforce access control privileges.

In addition, Seagate intends to help Multilevel Security (MLS) ecosystem to address data security requirements for the federal government. MLS ecosystem is a framework of integrated, automated technology that enables secure workflow for government customers, eliminating costly data stuff providing different levels of security clearance.

“Federal agencies are under increasing pressure to efficiently manage and store growing data, and ensure it stays in the right hands,” said Deb Oliver, President, Seagate Government Solutions. “At the same time, they’re faced with unique challenges that come with security requirements and budget limitations. Seagate Government Solutions’ investment in these organizations provides them with innovative, end-to-end HPC technology specifically tailored for their needs.”

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