IBM, CenturyLink, and the State of Louisiana Ink Deal to Boost Tech...

IBM, CenturyLink, and the State of Louisiana Ink Deal to Boost Tech Jobs in the Region

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: IBM, CenturyLink, and the State of Louisiana announce a public-private partnership through which up to 800 new jobs will be created in Louisiana which will cater to the clients’ demands of IBM for Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile technology services.

The State of Louisiana is looking forward to contribute to brew innovative skills among the academic fraternity with expanded higher education programs which will focus and computer science, data analytics, and cyber engineering in the region. According to the deal, the State will bring up a new office space for IBM as tenant.

Giving Career a Direction
IBM is expected to recommend innovations in the current curriculum structure and implementation by working with academia. Subjects of interest for the company are technology, mathematics and software development. It wants to make sure the future crop is ready to deliver from the word go in the greener areas of business services including advanced analytics, process innovation, and application development. 

Tapping the Opportunity
Students – from the colleges and the universities – in the region can leverage this technology initiative brought in the form of public-private partnership through the internship offered by both IBM and CenturyLink. IBM works the Louisiana Economic Development FastStart program to identify and bag students with flair for technology. Channels such as campus events, social media, and alumni events will be tapped to get the students on board.

“As CenturyLink continues to grow in the United States and around the world, we are committed to expanding our operations in Northeast Louisiana,” said Glen Post, CEO and President, CenturyLink. “In March, we will officially open the CenturyLink Technology Center of Excellence in Monroe, and strategic partnerships like this one with IBM advance our goals for the Center, our company and our community. Our partnership with IBM enables IBM and CenturyLink to work together to grow both of our companies and support the communities where our employees live and work.”

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