How Technological Trend is Developing the Smart Cities

How Technological Trend is Developing the Smart Cities

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, July 24, 2020

New technology trends are transforming the smart cities towards betterment to provide better life quality to its citizens.

FREMONT, CA In the current scenario, developing and expanding urban cities are in a run to acquire the tag line “smart city” in their pursuit of modernizing themselves and staying at par with their contemporaries. The smart city utilizes modern technology to address critical problems like economic development, waste disposal, urban planning by using green solutions, neighborhood safety, transportation, and many others. Several cities have tried to implement these trends and digitally transform the quality of life for their citizens.

However, smart cities are also known as digital cities, wired cities, intelligent cities, and even cyberville. In the upcoming years, new technologies will be introduced, which will be a part of the transformation of urban areas turning into smart cities. There are also a few technologies like 5G, AI, and advanced data that will take center stage during this transformation.

Here are some of the smart city trends that will be followed in the upcoming years.

Faster Speed of Wi-Fi 

Top 10 Smart City Solution Companies - 2019Although Wifi6 and 5G are entirely different, both the technologies provide fast processing and offer better speed in wireless connection. The network offers fast connections everywhere, like home, in-transit, and also office. Furthermore, the speed while downloading will also increase than ever before.

Analytics will become Important

The companies that have not yet invested in analytics are more likely to fail because a considerable amount of data is gathered from the transactions and customer data. The companies that do not make use of these data will lose them and fall behind their competitors. Therefore it is necessary to use modern analytical tools to remain in the competition of the market. The devices will help the companies to recognize opportunities, solutions, and problems.


5G is deemed to dominate the market in the following years. The speed of the network is faster than the traditional systems, with enhanced reliability. If smart cities depend on 5G technology, they can reap their benefits by providing quick processing and manufacturing techniques, along with better smart vehicles. With 5G, the network of phones will also become much better, and it will also have a positive impact on human life.

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