How Technological Innovations Can Reshape Waste Management

How Technological Innovations Can Reshape Waste Management

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 07, 2021

Waste management does not need to be inefficient. The globe is getting more ecologically friendly as a result of new technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Technology enables more efficient trash collection, sorting, and disposal, and new equipment and procedures constantly appear. As these innovations become more widespread, waste management will continue to improve in terms of sustainability. Here are five of the most futuristic methods now in use.

Smart Waste Bins: Numerous companies now manufacture intelligent garbage bins with a variety of features. Numerous models incorporate sensors that detect trash levels and notify users when they are full. This information can assist individuals in tracking their waste disposal behaviors and optimizing garbage collection schedules, hence minimizing gasoline use.

Several of these trash cans feature interactive displays that encourage users toward more effective waste management. They can instruct people on adequately disposing of various goods or provide information about the environmental impact of unavoidable waste. This way, users can develop a greater awareness of the items they discard.

Plasma Gasification: Garbage-to-energy processes divert waste away from landfills and generate comparatively green energy. Plasma gasification is one of the newest and most promising of these approaches. Plasma heats garbage to extremely high temperatures and converts it to valuable gases such as hydrogen.

Pneumatic Waste Collection: The majority of cities and neighborhoods collect rubbish using fossil fuel-powered trucks. Due to the inefficiency of this technique and the associated emissions, some places have adopted a new strategy. They empty rubbish bins through vacuum suction via an underground network of pneumatic tubes.

Because air compressors drive pneumatic tubes, they consume very little energy. Because no trucks are involved, greenhouse gas emissions are also eliminated. Additionally, these technologies are speedier than traditional disposal methods, providing waste management facilities with additional time to sort garbage.

Fleet Management Systems:  Fleet management technology, widely used in the transportation industry, can significantly enhance waste collection. These systems optimize vehicle routes by utilizing a network of sensors and GPS data.

While traveling the same route daily is comfortable, it is not usually efficient. Depending on the volume of traffic, the weather, and the amount of waste, different paths may be more or less practicable. Drivers can change their routes to save time and cut pollution using fleet management systems.

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